Who we are

Discerning and putting into practice what makes for healthy life

  • Ordinary people who value connecting with a Presence we call God. We believe God values us just as we are – fallible human beings. We believe a sense of belonging to God gives us life.

    The repaired and strengthened church is almost finished but we need your help to meet the costs of repairing this iconic modernist church.  We received $500,000 from insurance and have contributed another $650,000 but we still need another $50,000 to finish the project.  Donations very gratefully received!

  • Human community is vital for life.  Our community welcomes diversity of thought and belief. None of us has all the answers but together we can find encouragement to find the abundant life Jesus talked of.
  • We seek to discern the whisperings of God to guide us to find life. Stillness, reflection, and engaging with scriptures and Jesus are important sacred sources of life for us.
  • Reshaping the life of our earth and finding heaven in our midst now is central to our being. That’s why we are keen to address issues like climate change, inequality, or why some might use their gifts to care for others, work for low cost housing, or a clean and beautiful Heathcote River.
  • Physical address: 43 St Martins Road, Christchurch
    Email: stmartpresch@xtra.co.nz  Phone: 332 6192
  • Currently we meet for worship in the Mineral and Lapidary Club 110 Waltham road each Sunday at 10.00am.  (Next to Waltham School)

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