Our worship

Our church building at 43 St Martins Road is currently being strengthened and altered so it can better serve as our home base. Currently we meet for worship every Sunday at 10.00am at the Mineral and Lapidary Club next to the Waltham School. We plan to move back to the church in February 2019.

St Martins church

We are unashamedly a traditional congregation and our worship follows an ordered format. Stillness and quietness are important for us. We believe God has blessed us with a brain to think and ponder, and our messages take seriously the discoveries of science and modern scholarship. God breathes life into us through the Bible but we also need to remember it is written by human authors who are part of cultures and settings that are very different to our own. Careful interpretation is required.


We are fortunate to have an orchestra that plays monthly.

Communion is celebrated monthly.

We value participation by members of the congregation in worship.