Midwinter Celebration 29 July 2012


When winter is around us, we cannot see the spring;
but still we know, despite the snow, that spring will come one day.
With night-time’s darkness round us, we cannot see the sun;
but still we know, as shadows go, that dawn will break next day.
Though God is all around us, we cannot see his face;
but still we know; our faith says so!
God lives in every day.

HYMN: Songbook 65 ‘Tis Winter Now the Fallen Snow



HYMN: Praise the Lord Our God (Tune: Kum Ba Yah)
Praise the Lord our God, praise the Lord!
Praise him from the heights, praise the Lord!
Praise him, angel throngs, praise the Lord;
praise God, all his host!

Praise him, sun and moon and the stars!
Praise him, sky and clouds and the rain!
Let them praise his name, works of God!
All creatures–praise the Lord!

Praise him, wind and storm, mountains steep!
Praise him, fruitful trees, cedars tall!
Sheep and cattle herds, birds that fly!
All creatures–praise the Lord! © Hope Publishing Co (TH)

Reflection: Memories of Winter

HYMN: Songbook 64 Throughout This Winter Season

READINGS: Genesis 18: 1-8: Abraham and Sarah host three men
Bernie Brettell
Mark 6: 30-42: Jesus hosts 5000 Jenny Brettell

Reflection: Eating With Jesus

Hospitable God, we bring these offerings for your blessing,
conscious of the opportunities they make possible.
We pray that in our fellowship and in our actions:
we may learn to welcome the stranger, to respect differences,
to make all who come, all we meet, feel at home with us;
and so create community.
May our being and our action together, in your name,
become a sign of your love for all people. AMEN.

HYMN: I Come With Joy a Child of God (Tune: Kilmarnock WOV 452)
I come with joy, a child of God,
forgiven, loved, and free,
the life of Jesus to recall,
in love laid down for me.

I come with Christians far and near
to find, as all are fed,
the new community of love
in Christ’s communion bread.

The Spirit of the risen Christ,
unseen, but ever near,
is in such friendship better known,
alive among us here.

Together met, together bound,
by all that God has done,
we’ll go with joy, to give the world
the love that makes us one. ? Stainer & Bell (CH 4)


HYMN: Fill Your Hearts With Joy (Tune: Regent Square WOV 84)
Fill your hearts with joy and gladness,
sing and praise your God and mine!
Great the Lord in love and wisdom,
might and majesty divine!
He who framed the starry heavens
knows and names them as they shine.

Praise the Lord, his people, praise him!
wounded souls his comfort know;
those who fear him find his mercies,
peace for pain and joy for woe;
humble hearts are high exalted,
human pride and power laid low.

Praise the Lord for times and season,
cloud and sunshine, wind and rain;
spring to melt the snows of winter
till the waters flow again;
grass upon the mountain pastures,
golden valleys thick with grain.

Fill your hearts with joy and gladness,
peace and plenty crown your days;
love his laws, declare his judgements,
walk in all his words and ways;
he the Lord and we his children –
praise the Lord, all people, praise! © Timothy Dudley-Smith (HFTC)


A very warm welcome to you all as you worship with us this morning. Please stay for a cup of tea or coffee in the lounge after the service.

Over the coming weeks there will be a suggestion box in the Church foyer. Parishioners are invited to place their ideas, dreams and suggestions for the future of St Martin’s Parish in this box. Suggestions for the Mission of St Martin’s, for the building of our new Hall and church buildings, how to involve the community in our worship and the activities we can offer, your dreams for our future and any other ideas you may have. The Session and Board of Managers look forward to receiving your thoughts.

CHEESE ROLLS are available for pick up and payment following worship if you have ordered them. Thank you.

Annual Reports are now required. Please email these to the Office as soon as possible. Deadline is 9am Thursday 9th August.

AUGUST NEWSLETTER: We are planning the next issue to fit in with delivery of annual reports. All sorts of news – family highlights, holidays, great photographs, your thoughts about life in general – what scope there is, and how I am depending on you!!! Deadline August 10. I am looking forward to my inbox at l.mck@xtra.co.nz bursting at the seams with wonderful items. Thanks so much! Lyn 338 0840.

CUPPA & CHAT: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10am – 12 noon. Please use kitchen entrance again this week. All welcome. Aubrey 930 2525.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS 1st August: Carpool 9.10am from church for a walk around St Albans. Coffee at Ris’tretto, top end of Barbadoes Street.

CRAFTY CRAFTERS Thursdays 10am – 12 noon. Beverley 332 7786.

FOOTCARE CLINIC: Next Session this Thursday 2nd August. Lyndsey 388 1264.

MEN’S GROUP will meet on Thursday 2nd August at 5.45 pm for a Shared Tea.
PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN TIME. The members will then Car pool at 6.30 pm for a visit to Air New Zealand Engineering at Christchurch Airport. See you all there – contact Tony 3320 554 for any queries.

MARMALADE FOR MISSIONS & BOOK EXCHANGE: Please support these fundraisers! Please note that some of the books are now in the Office.
Hornby Presbyterian Church, 27 Amyes Road, is hosting a U2achrist again! A church service to the music of the band U2, on Sunday 5th August at 6.30pm. Theme is ‘Surrender’. People from churches in the Presbytery and from the community are welcome to join us.

Family Nite – Board Games Sunday 12th August 5.30 – 7.30pm in the lounge. BYO fish n chips or pizza to start the evening. Tea/coffee/cordial provided. Please also bring NAMED board games to play. Koha appreciated. All are welcome!

PARISH OFFICE HOURS Wed & Thurs 9am – 12 noon & Fri 9-11am. Phone 332 6192 or email stmartpresch@xtra.co.nz

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Sun 29th Sylvia; Mon 30th Faye, Drew; Fri 3rd Meg.