Spring Sunday 16 September 2012

We celebrate Spring Sunday with a fishing theme.
When we think of the myriad of species of fish, we also remember all the other water- living creatures, and we remember our rivers, streams that fertilize our land, the sea and the sea shore.
Through the symbolism of water we also remember
Christ as the water of life.

We invite the rivers to worship with us:
the Avon, the Heathcote, Waimakariri, Rangitata and Rakaia,
and all the streams that flow to the sea.
We invite the sea and the shore to worship with us:
the crashing pacific waves, calmer bays, the sands
and the rock pools.
We invite all the sea creatures to praise God with us:
the fish and sea birds, crabs and anemone,
the mysterious creatures of the deep.
We celebrate the song of the waters that surround us
and the waters that bring life to the land.

HYMN: Roar the Waves (Tune: Praise My Soul WOV 68)
Roar the waves, the waters praising
God who saves; and from beneath
creatures rise in shapes amazing
to our eyes – he gives them breath:
God who set the planets blazing
holds us yet in life or death.

Cries a bird at break of morning –
music heard when life began;
Christ was there at day’s first dawning,
son to share a father’s plan:
Jesus born our hope and warning,
still with us – the Son of Man.

Sound the praise of God, Creator,
voices raise to Christ the Son;
in the Spirit Christians gather –
speak his merit everyone:
not in vain words glory – rather
tell again what God has done! © Michael Perry (HFTC)


HYMN: All Things Bright and Beautiful (A New Zealand version)
All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures great and small,
all things wise and wonderful –
the Lord God made them all.
The wild flowers in their beauty,
the mountain ranges tall,
the deep lakes and the rivers,
and friendly birds that call.
The cold wind in the winter,
the bright life-giving sun,
the ripe fruits in the garden –
he made them every one.

The coloured walls of gorges,
the pine trees green and tall,
the rocks, and pools and palm trees,
the sparkling waterfall.

The many-coloured corals,
the creatures of the sea
of forest, field or valley,
on farms or roaming free.

He gave us eyes to see them,
and lips that we might tell
how great is God Almighty,
who has made all things well. ? Together in Song


READINGS: Psalm 104: 24-30 Margaret Shanks
Luke 5: 1-11 John Shanks


A Time of Quiet

HYMN: We Praise You Creator (Tune: St Denio WOV 80)
We praise you, Creator, in earth, sea and sky:
our Ruler, our Maker, our Sovereign most high.
Each new generation lifts voices in praise;
how good your creation, how gracious your ways!

Each springtime the blossoms bloom fragrant once more;
each summer and autumn brings forth its rich store.
With witness compelling our praise and our prayer,
creation is telling of your faithful care.

Your wondrous works teach us, Creator, to trace
the limitless reaches of your love and grace.
Your grace dwells among us, your love goes before:
from eldest to youngest we praise and adore. © A. Donaldson (VU)


HYMN: We Plough the Fields (as re-written for World Food Sunday)
We plough the fields, and scatter
the good seed on the land,
but it is fed and watered
by God’s almighty hand;
he sends the cold in winter,
the warmth to swell the grain,
the breezes and the sunshine
and soft refreshing rain.
All good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above;
then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,
for such abounding love.

We glorify the Maker
of everything that is,
who gives to us to care for
the earth, the air, the seas,
who wills that all the peoples
might have their daily bread,
that we might share our plenty
as channels of God’s love.
All good gifts around us… C/A



HYMN: God of Unexplored Tomorrows (Tune: Marching WOV 110)
God of unexplored tomorrows,
of today and yesterday,
God of rock and flowing river,
be our refuge, be our way.

Guardian rock above, before us,
strong foundation where we build,
landmark through the haze of doubting,
shelter where our fears are stilled.

Be the cleansing, quenching water,
irrigate, disturb and move,
stir us from our easy shallows,
current of refreshing love.

God of rock and flowing river
now and ever with us stand,
to transform our land of promise
into each one’s promised land. © Beverley Jones (FFS)

HUB LUNCHEON St James’ Church Hall Sunday 14th October at 12.30pm
Cashmere Hills are assisting St James in hosting St Martins & Hoon Hay parishes. $5 per person. Numbers are limited to 25 per parish. Preference will be given to those who didn’t attend the Progressive Dinner. Please sign the list in the foyer if you wish to attend. Sonya 339 7038 & Judith 332 1577.
A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Morning tea will be served after the service.

Chris would like to have another go at having the Prayers of the People written and led by members of the congregation. If you would like to be part of a prayer roster, please email Anna who prepares the rosters (stmartpresch@xtra.co.nz). This would begin in November.

NEXT SUNDAY’S SERVICE will be led by some of the young people and their leaders. It will also be a Pet Service. So feel free to bring along your pets (real or otherwise) to add to the occasion. Wayne.

FUNDRAISER: A record of the demolition of our beloved Hall is available on DVD. $20. Please add your name to the list in the foyer if you wish to purchase a copy, or see Aubrey 930 2525.

CUPPA & CHAT: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10am – 12 noon. All welcome. Aubrey 930 2525.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS 19th Sept.2nd attempt: Meet 9.30am in Gardens carpark (off Armagh St) by the footbridge to the kiosk. Coffee at Robert Harris, YMCA, 12 Hereford Street. All Welcome. June 332 8874.

SESSION meets Wednesday 19th September 7.30pm at Beckenham Methodist IN THE CHURCH.

CRAFTY CRAFTERS meets every Thursday 10am – 12 noon. $3 per session. New faces are always welcome. Beverley 332 7786.

THE PARISH OFFICE is CLOSED. Anna can be contacted as usual on Wed & Thurs 9am – 12 noon & Fri 9-11am. Phone 332 6192 or email stmartpresch@xtra.co.nz.

EMAIL ADDRESSES: Please make sure Anna has your CORRECT email address so we can keep you informed about what is happening.

KEEP AN EYE ON THE WEBSITE: www.stmartins.org.nz

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Sun 16th Gowan, Bob; Tue 18th Gilly, Benjamin; Fri 21st Beverley; Sat 22nd Hilary

HUB PROGRAM September 16 – 23rd committed to sharing & mutual support
St James’ Spreydon

Sun 16 10am Rev. Ruth Caughley preaching
5pm Ecumenical Celtic Service at St Mary’s Anglican – (Take a plate – with food on it ?)
Tues 18 9.30am Little Kids Music (Kay Ph. 339-2370)
7.30pm Hub meeting at St James
Wed 19 10am Foot Clinic in Hall Lounge (Bookings: Shona 337-1025)
7.30pm Indoor Bowls in Church Hall (Roger Ph. 337-0611)
Thurs 20 10am Foot Clinic in Hall Lounge (Bookings Gaynor 337-0611)
7.30pm Women Journeying (Kay 337-2370 or Eunice 942-4880)
Fri 21 4.30pm Programme in Friday Kids Room(Dorothy Ph. 338-5142)
World Day of Prayer for Peace (ideas to Stephanie)
Sun 23 10am Family Church Service – ‘Spring’
6pm Toasties at Halswell Anglican & Youth service at 7pm


Mon 17 9.15am Pre School Music in the Lounge
Wed 19 10am Forum – discusses last Sunday’s readings and Sermon.
Wed 19 2pm Cashmere APW meets at 47 Birdwood Ave. Wendy Paris will speak about ‘A Day in the Life of a Hospital Chaplain’
Wed 19 5pm-8pm Christchurch West Rotary– contact Rev David Coster
Thurs 20 10.45am-noon Prayer Group at 20 Major Aitken Drive

Sunday 23 2pm “Spring Fling” a Musical Matinee featuring piano, harp, accordion, flute, guitar, organ, and voice. Tickets $10 adults; $5 children, available from the Cashmere Hills and Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church Offices. Proceeds from this concert will be shared between Cashmere Hills and Hoon Hay Presbyterian Churches

Hoon Hay

Mon 17 9.30-10.40 am Tai Chi in lounge Brian 338 6228
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls Pat 353 0265
Tues 18 10.00 am mainly music @ Hoon Hay Eleanor 9604824
6.00 pm Zumba Akaea 339 2013
Wed 19 1.00 pm Ladies Indoor Bowls Sheila 960 4412
7.00 pm Scottish Country Dancing David 322 7954
Thu 20 9.30-10.40 am Tai Chi in lounge Brian 338 6228
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls Pat 353 0265
Fri 21 7.00 pm LIFT – Youth programme Matt 027 389 0000
Sat 22 1.30 pm Hoon Hay Indoor Bowls Brian 338 4488