Sunday 21 October 2012


Sing to the Lord a new song
Sing to the Lord all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, praise His name
Proclaim His salvation day after day.
Declare His glory among the nations.
His marvellous deeds among the people.
For great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise.

HYMN: Sing Praise and Thanksgiving
Sing praise and thanksgiving, let all creatures living
now worship their maker with gladness and song;
all glory and honour we come to him bringing:
O praise to the Almighty,
sing praise to our God!

Our lives of his making he brings to their waking;
in darkness he held us in his gracious care,
now into the light we are called from our sleeping:
O praise to the Almighty,
sing praise to our God!

Lord, frame our desiring to do your requiring,
that unto your glory be all that we do;
and where we have faltered, give strength and give healing:
O praise to the Almighty,
sing praise to our God! ? C.A. Gibson & M. Barclay (WOV)



SONG: Jesus Loves the Little Children (x2)
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world.
Every colour, every race, all are covered by his grace.
Jesus loves the little children of the world. C/A


Psalm 104: verses 1-9 Sue Saunders
Mark 10: 35-45 Jeannette Beaumont
SERMON: True Greatness


HYMN: Here I Am, Lord
I, the Lord of sea and sky, I have heard my people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin my hand will save.
I who made the stars of night, I will make their darkness bright.
Who will bear My light to them? Whom shall I send?

Here I am, Lord, Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, If you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart.

I the Lord of snow and rain, I have borne my people’s pain.
I have wept for love of them, they turn away.
I will break their hearts of stone, give them hearts for love alone,
I will speak my word to them, whom shall I send?

I the Lord of wind and flame, I will tend the poor and lame,
I will set a feast for them. My hand will save.
Finest bread I will provide till their hearts be satisfied,
I will give my life to them, whom shall I send?
©Oregon Catholic Press (VU)

Gracious and Loving God;
Your hand supplies all our needs; so now from our hands we bring these our offering to be used as needed within the church and the wider community.
Bless these gifts we pray, and bless our lives as we offer them anew that we may be living offerings in your service in this place we and to all we meet.
This we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.



HYMN: Servant Song
Brother, sister, let me serve You
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that I might have the grace to
Let you be my servant too.

We are pilgrims on a journey
All together on the road
We are here to help each other,
Walk the mile and bear the load.

I will hold the Christ light for you,
In the night time of your fear.
I will hold my hand out to you
Speak the peace you long to hear.

I will weep when you are weeping
When we laugh I’ll laugh with you.
I will share your joy and sorrow,
Till we’ve seen this journey through.

When we sing to God in heaven
We shall find such harmony.
Born of all we’ve known together
Of Christ’s love and agony.

Brother, sister, let me serve You
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that I might have the grace to
Let you be my servant too.


City Care wishes to advise that the St Martins Rebuild drop in centre in Wades Avenue (opposite New World entrance) is open to the public on Tuesdays from 2.00-4.00pm and Fridays 9.00-11.00am. All residents are welcome to drop in during these times if you wish to discuss the roadworks with the team from City Care.

A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Morning tea will be served after the service.

Chris is away on holiday. For any pastoral matters please contact your Elder, or phone Bruce Hudson, Session Clerk on 332 7786.

There is a letter from Chris on our noticeboard in the church foyer.

CUPPA & CHAT: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10am – 12 noon. All welcome. Aubrey 930 2525.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS 24th October: Meet 9.30am for a stroll around Linwood. Coffee to follow at Under the Red Verandah. Phone Anneke 328 7459 for details.

CARING & SHARING Wednesday 24th October 2pm in the Beckenham Methodist Church Lounge. Jill Grierson, story-teller extraordinaire will be our guest. EVERYONE is very welcome to join us. Free afternoon tea! Fern 332 4725.

CRAFTY CRAFTERS meets every Thursday 10am – 12 noon. $3 per session. New faces are always welcome. Beverley 332 7786.

FOOTCARE CLINIC: Next Session Monday 29th October 1-4pm at Beckenham Methodist. Lyndsey 388 1264. Please phone or email Anna to book.

PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Wed & Thurs 9am – 12 noon & Fri 9-11am. Email or phone 332 6192.
EMAIL ADDRESSES: Please make sure Anna has your CORRECT email address so we can keep you informed about what is happening.

A KEEP FIT CLASS from your chair: “Sit and Stay Fit”. Every Thursday 1.15-2.30pm at the St Peter’s Church Hall, Fisher Ave, Beckenham. $4 pp. and a cuppa to follow. It is lots of fun, good music we all know and led by an enthusiastic instructor. Anneke 328 7459.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Mon 22nd Bruce, Lesley; Tue 23rd Lyn; Thu 25th Warren, Jim; Sat 27th Allison, Tony.

HUB PROGRAM October 21st – October 28th
committed to sharing and mutual support

St James Spreydon

Tues 23rd 9.30am Little Kidz Music in Hall Lounge (Kay 339-2370)
Tues 23rd 6.15pm Shared Tea for Parish Council & Pastoral Visitors. Short discussion about pastoral work, then non-Parish Council members leave.
Fri 26th 4.30pm Friday Kids in Kids Room (Stephanie 337 9871)
Sun 28th 12pm LA LA LAC [Ladies Alone, Living Alone, Lunching
AfterChurch] gathering at Oderings. (Contact Frances 339-0332 or Janet 027-213-4138 to book)

Tues 23rd 7pm Cashmere Residents Association AGM in Church Lounge
Wed 24th 10.00 am Forum – to discuss last Sunday’s readings and Sermon.
Thurs 25th 10.45 am – 12 noon Prayer Group at 20 Major Aiken Drive
Mon 29th 2pm Foot Clinic
Tues 30th 9.30am Foot Clinic – phone the office (332 7129) to book an appointment

Relief Cleaner wanted: Our regular cleaner will be taking 2 weeks leave towards the end of November. The person who usually covers for her is not available, so we are looking for someone else to do the cleaning whilst she is away. If you are able to help, or can recommend someone, please contact Richard (981 7381)

Hoon Hay No programme received
Mon 15th 9.30-10.40 am Tai Chi in lounge: Brian 338 6228
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls: Pat 353 0265
Tues 16th 10.00 am Mainly music – 0 – 5 years Eleanor 960 4824
Wed 17th 1.00 pm Ladies Indoor Bowls – Sheila 960 4412
7.00 pm Scottish Country Dancing – David 322 7954
Thurs 18th 9.30-10.40 am Tai Chi in lounge: Brian 338 6228
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls Pat Simpson 353 0265
Fri 19th 5.00 pm Messy Church – craft activities, story and a shared meal
7.00 pm LIFT – Youth program Matt 027 389 0000