Sunday 20 October 2013

This morning we welcome Cassie Welch ~ Community Development Worker ~ who is working with small Focus Groups in parishes, including us.
GATHERING: adapted from John Weir
Who is moving through the silence, gentle as the summer rain?
Who is beckoning from the doorway, asking us to come on out?
God, we see your presence in the eyes of those who love, in the actions of those who care;
in the streets of little towns, in the shadows of the city,
where we gather in your name.

HYMN: God of History – Recent, Ancient (Tune: Hyfrydol) God of history – recent, ancient –
God of every yesterday,
still our God in this day’s moments,
where we go and where we stay:
You have set us in this context,
time, relationship, and place,
hear our praise and glad thanksgiving
for all signs of present grace.

You have called us from division
into unity and hope.
Each and all belong together
in the world’s kaleidoscope.
Help us listen to the voices
daring us to be and do
what you plan for church and people,
loving others, praising you.

How are we, then, called to answer
as we work and as we live,
called to justice, called to mission,
learning to receive and give?
Shall we build a bridge of promise?
Tear down walls that split, divide?
Fling wide doorways, open windows?
Let the Spirit come inside?

God, you point us toward the future
where Christ leads and shows the way.
Here and now, work not yet finished
needs our strength and will today.
Thus we move into tomorrow,
called to live and work and be
reconcilers, pilgrim people,
called by Christ, by Christ set free. © JP Huber (ASF)



SONG: The Church is Wherever God’s People
The church is wherever God’s people are singing
sharing good news with a song and a voice.
The church is where we as Christ’s followers are telling
our stories of faith and our message, rejoice!

The church is wherever God’s people are laughing,
finding God’s blessing in every new face.
The church is now moving in different directions,
with Christ as our guide in a trail filled with grace.

The church is not found in one place or one building,
frozen in memories from long, long ago.
The church is exploring adventures of living
that free us to follow new paths God will show.
New words from Mead Baldwin © 2013 (Gathering)

READING AND COMMENT: Micah 6:4-8 – Lyndsey McKay

HYMN: Sing to Celebrate the City (Tune: WOV 92)
Sing to celebrate the city!
Sing the lives of people there,
sing the work of skill and beauty,
all who serve and all who care.
In the dictates of the dollar,
in the systems where we live,
find the currency of kindness,
eyes to smile and hearts to give.

We who are the city’s traffic,
driving, driven, keeping pace,
name the God who makes us neighbours,
give our faith a human face;
in the workplace of God’s people,
in the highrise and the home
our agenda is for justice –
changing lives for good to come.

Celebrate the art of living!
Every colour, every sport,
every cultures dance and music,
every truth that that love has taught –
be for God within the city,
life and loving are not priced:
light the lights of joyful worship,
set the table for the Christ! © Shirley Murray (AA)


God, as we come to ask your blessing on these gifts of money and food, we are conscious of what you have given us: the gift of life and love, support for each day and guidance for living, opportunities for service and examples of caring.
We respond to your generosity when we share your goodness with others. We respond to your generosity when we share our lives with others. Amen.


HYMN: Putting People First
Speaking up for those who cannot speak,
reaching out to the poor and the weak,
changing systems that prison the mind,
bringing hope and liberty;
putting people,
putting people,
putting people first for a change.

Standing tall with those who stand alone,
in solidarity;
it is the work of Jesus Christ,
it is the work for me.

Working hard for change, not charity,
making the blind ones see;
it is the work of Jesus Christ,
it is the work for me.

Letting go that others may enjoy,
teaching true community:
It is the work of Jesus Christ,
it is the work for me. © Colin Gibson (for 50th Anniversary of CWS)


BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Sun 20th Fern; Tue 22nd Bruce, Lesley, Cynthia; Wed 23rd Lyn; Fri 25th Warren, Jim.

NOTICES A very warm welcome to all who worship with us today. Please stay for morning tea after the service.
DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES FOR NEXT MAGAZINE is Sunday 10th November. Anneke is looking for contributions NOW. Please email them to: or post to 5 Simeon Quay, Lyttelton 8082. Queries? Phone Anneke on 328 7459.
BACON FUNDRAISER: All orders due in by next Sunday (money with order please) and it would help increase funds for the church if anyone who is able could take orders from friends. Cost: $8 per pack. Delivery: first week in November. Order forms are available from Joan Mac 337 1648.
FIRESIDE meets this Tuesday 22nd October at Joan Scott’s home 7.30pm to hear more about Anneke’s recent trip. All welcome. Margaret 366 2939.
WEDNESDAY WALKERS 23rd October: We are venturing out to West Melton (map to be emailed). Carpool from 43 St Martins Rd 8.55am or arrange to combine cars yourselves. Heather & Trevor’s daughter Sandra is kindly hosting us for morning tea. Donations to the Special Olympics. Sonya 339 7038.
CARING & SHARING meets on Wednesday 23rd October 2pm at Beckenham Methodist. Everyone is very welcome. Irene 332 7306.
CRAFTY CRAFTERS meets every Thursday 10am -12 noon in the Beckenham Methodist Lounge. $3 per session. New faces are always welcome. Please contact Beverley 332 7786 for more information.
PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 12 noon and Friday 9-11am. Phone 332 6192 or email Location: St Anne’s Anglican Church, 7 Wilsons Rd (at the rear of the site near the sandpit). Website:
HUB NEWS: This week’s information is displayed in the Lounge.
FOOTCARE CLINIC: Next Session Monday 25th November 1-4pm at Beckenham Methodist. Please book through the Parish Office.
CHRISTMAS MARKET STALL Sunday 1st December. Fireside would be very grateful for any contributions from the congregation.
NEW ROSTER for readers out now – please check to see if there’s a copy for you

Hub Activities for the week 20th – 27th October

St James’ Presbyterian Church
Tues 22 Oct 9.30am Tuesday Kidz in Hall Lounge
7.30pm Parish Council meeting
Thurs 24 Oct 9.45am Discussion Group at Stephanie’s
Fri 25 Oct 12 noon Community Lunch at Whareora, Athelstan St
4.30pm Friday Kidz in Kidz Live Room
Sun 27 Oct 12 noon LA LA LACs lunch
12noon BBQ lunch at Cashmere Church

St Martin’s Presbyterian Church
NB: all events at Beckenham Methodist, Malcolm Ave, unless otherwise specified.
Tue 22 Oct 7.30pm Fireside Women’s Group at Joan’s 338 8700
Wed 23 Oct 9.30am Walking Group. June 332 8874
2pm Caring & Sharing. Phone Office 332 6192 for details
Thu 24 Oct 10am-12noon Crafty Crafters. $3 per session. New faces always
welcome. Beverley 332 7786
Sun 27 Oct 9am Morning Worship

Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church
Mon 21 Oct 9.30am & 10.40am Tai Chi in lounge. Brian 338 6228
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls. Pat 353 0265
Tues 22 Oct 10.00am Mainly Music. Eleanor 960 4824
Weds 23 Oct 10.00 am Craft Group. Linda 322 4437
7.00 pm Scottish Country Dancing. David 322 7954
Thurs 24 Oct 9.30am & 10.40am Tai Chi for seniors in lounge. Brian 338 6228
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls. Pat 353 0265
Fri 25 Oct 7.00pm Lift Youth Group – contact Matt 027 3890000

Cashmere Hills Presbyterian Church
Mon 21 Oct 9.30am Pre-School Music
Wed 23 Oct 10.00am Forum – a group to discuss and reflect on the
previous Sunday’s Readings and Sermon. All Welcome
Thurs 24 Oct 10.30am – 12 noon Prayer Group at 20 Major Aiken Drive
Sun 27 Oct 11.30am Healing Service
5.00pm Sunday Night Lights