Sunday 1 June 2014


We join to praise and give glory to the risen Christ our Lord.
We lift our voices in unison to give praise to the Lord, as part of God’s family of believers in this place.
With joyful hearts we give thanks for God’s grace and love to each one of us.
Let us celebrate together that the resurrected Jesus is our Lord and we are His blessed people.

HYMN: Stand Up and Bless the Lord (Tune: Carlisle WOV 383 (i))
Stand up and bless the Lord, you people of his choice;
Stand up and bless the Lord your God,
with heart, and soul, and voice.

Though high above all praise, above all blessing high,
Who would not fear his holy name,
and laud and magnify?

O, for the living flame from his own altar brought,
To touch our lips, our minds inspire,
and wing to heaven our thought!

God is our strength and song, and his salvation ours;
Then be his love in Christ proclaimed
with all our ransomed powers.

Stand up and bless the Lord, the Lord your God adore;
Stand up and bless his glorious name,
henceforth for evermore.

READINGS: Acts 1: 6-14 Hilary Moore
John 17: 1-11 Barry Moore

HYMN: Christians are all kinds of people
Christians are all kinds of people,
They’re average, they’re short, and they’re tall,
From all kinds of backgrounds,
with all kinds of outlooks,
Our gracious God uses them all.
Christians are all kinds of people,
Not even especially good,
But God’s love is mighty, and that is what counts,
With mercy as wide as the sea;
It reaches to you and to me.

Christians are all kinds of people.
They’re smilers, they’re grouchers, they’re clowns.
In all kinds of weather, wherever they gather,
You’ll find every kind of them round.
Christians are all kinds of people,
And sometimes all kinds are in me.

God uses all kinds of people,
The black, and the pale and the tan,
New Born and the aged, the fit and disabled,
They all have a part in the plan.
God uses all kinds of people,
With problems, with hang-ups, with scars.
©Stan and Pauline Stewart.

SERMON: We are His.


HYMN: Here I Am, Lord
I, the Lord of sea and sky, I have heard my people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin my hand will save.
I who made the stars of night, I will make their darkness bright.
Who will bear My light to them? Whom shall I send?

Here I am, Lord, Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, If you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart.

I the Lord of snow and rain, I have borne my people’s pain.
I have wept for love of them, they turn away.
I will break their hearts of stone, give them hearts for love alone,
I will speak my word to them, whom shall I send?

I the Lord of wind and flame, I will tend the poor and lame,
I will set a feast for them. My hand will save.
Finest bread I will provide till their hearts be satisfied,
I will give my life to them, whom shall I send?
©Dan Shutte – SJ.



HYMN: All Praise to our Redeeming Lord (Tune NewingtonWOV367(i))
All praise to our redeeming Lord, who joins us by his grace,
And bids us, each to each restored, together seek his face.

He bids us build each other up; and, gathered into one,
To our high calling’s glorious hope we hand in hand go in.

The gift which he on one bestows, we all delight to prove;
The grace through every vessel flows, in purest streams of love.

Even now we think and speak the same, and cordially agree;
Concentrated all, through Jesus’ name, in perfect harmony.

We all partake the joy of one, the common peace we feel,
A peace to sensual minds unknown, a joy unspeakable.

And if our fellowship below In Jesus be so sweet,
What heights of rapture shall we know when round his throne we meet.


BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Sun 1st Madg; Mon 2nd Rose; Tue 3rd Joan; Fri 6th Jessie.

A very warm welcome to all who worship with us today. Please stay for morning tea after the service.

NEXT SUNDAY we will be celebrating Pentecost. The service will be led by Audrey Dunnachie & the Worship committee.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 10am Combined Midwinter Services with Beckenham Methodist commence on Sunday 15th June.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS 4th June: Meet 9.30am on the corner of Centaurus & Ramahana Roads for an uphill walk. Coffee at Fava. June 332 8874.

CRAFTY CRAFTERS: Thursdays 10am – 12 noon in the lounge at Beckenham Methodist. $3. New faces always welcome ?. Beverley 332 7786.

MEN’S GROUP: Thursday 5th June 6pm at Merchiston, 75 St Martins Rd, for a shared tea. David Hodder will speak about “The lives and adventures of New Zealand’s Aged Hunters” – of which he is one. All are welcome. For further details, contact Tony 332 0554.

FOOTCARE CLINIC: Next Session Monday 9th June 1-4pm at Beckenham Methodist.

THE PARISH OFFICE HOURS are Wednesday & Thursday 9am-12noon & Friday 9-11am. Phone 332 6192 or email, or pop in to 7 Wilsons Rd. Anna will be at Beckenham Methodist this Thursday 5th June.

THIS WEEK’S HUB REPORT is displayed in the wall in the Lounge.
THE CHRISTCHURCH CITY COUNCIL invites you to have a say on Social Housing. Come along to a drop-in session on Wednesday 11th June 4.30 – 6.30pm in the Boardroom, 66 Colombo Street, Beckenham. For all details, or to have your say online, go to

COURT THEATRE presents Roger Hall’s “You Can Always Hand Them Back” Thursday 25th September 6.30pm. Tickets $42. A list will go up in June; payment required by the end of August. Queries to Sue 960 7657.

Do you need help with any small fix-it jobs around your home or property? Please contact the Office 332 6192 for assistance.

Hub Activities for the week 1st – 8th June 2014

St James Presbyterian Church
Tues 3 June Little Kids Music
Fri 6 June Friday Kids
Sun 8 June Ivan Pierce will be leading our worship and offering his
book “Read Mark and think about it” for sale at $20. This is
a Communion service followed by Congregational
Meeting at 11.15 a.m. with lunch to follow. All members of
the Presbytery Commission will be in attendance and would
like to hear your views on the future of the parish. This is
your chance to have your views heard.

St Martin’s Presbyterian Church
NB: all events at Beckenham Methodist, Malcolm Ave, unless otherwise specified.
Tue 3 June 7.30pm Indoor Bowls, Salvation Army Hall, Southampton St. Bruce 332 7786.
Wed 4 June 9.30am Walking Gp meet cnr Centaurus & Ramahana Rds. Coffee at Fava.
Thu 5 June 10am-12noon Crafty Crafters. $3. New faces always welcome. Beverley 332 7786.
6pm Men’s Group @ Merchiston, 75 St Martins Rd.
Shared tea. Speaker. All welcome. Tony 3320554
Sun 8June 9am Pentecost Celebration

Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church
Mondays: 9.30 am & 10.40am Tai Chi in lounge contact Brian 338 6228
6.30pm Christchurch South Parents Centre. Vivien 337 2825
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls in hall – Contact Pat 353 0265
Tuesdays: 10.00 am mainly music @ Hoon Hay. Eleanor 960 4824
Wednesdays:8.00 – 11.00am Vege Co-op in halls – contact Shilo 338 3943
9.30 am U3A. Pauline 332 0453
1.00 pm West Spreydon Ladies Indoor Bowls. Sheila 960 4412
7.00 pm Scottish Country Dancing. David322 7954
Thursdays:9.30 am & 10.40am Tai Chi in lounge contact Brian 338 6228
7.00 pm Beading guild -1st Thursday – contact Gayle 322 6073
6.30pm Christchurch South Parents Centre. Vivien 337 2825
7.30 pm Spreydon Indoor Bowls in hall. Pat 353 0265
Fridays: 7.00 pm LIFT – Youth program in lounge. Matt 027 389 0000
Saturdays: 9.00am – 12.00pm Ballet Group. Suzie 338 1017
1.30 pm Hoon Hay Indoor Bowls. Brian 338 4488

Cashmere Hills Presbyterian Church
Wed 4 June 10.00am Forum – discuss last Sunday’s Readings. All Welcome
Thurs 5 June 10.30am – 12 noon Prayer Group at 20 Major Aiken Drive