Sunday 8th November 2015 9am

Tena Kotou, Katoa.



Today’s service is being taken by the Pathways Study Group with help from other people.




Come as the joyful, come as the eager, come as the thankful

Come as the recipients of amazing grace

The love of God overflows our hearts

The grace of Christ liberates our spirits

The joy of the Spirit sings in our minds


HYMN: Immortal Invisible God Only Wise (Tune: St Denio)

Immortal, invisible, God only wise, in light inaccessible hid from our eyes, most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days, almighty, victorious, thy great name we praise.


Unresting, unhasting, and silent as light, nor wanting, nor wasting,

thou rulest in might; thy justice like mountains high soaring above,

thy clouds which are fountains of goodness and love.


To all life thou givest, to both great and small; in all life thou livest,

the true life of all; we blossom and flourish as leaves on a tree,

and wither and perish: but nought changeth thee.


Great Father of glory, pure Father of light, thine angels adore thee,

all veiling their sight; of all the rich graces this grace, Lord, impart – take the veil from our faces, the veil from our heart.


All laud we would render: O help us to see, tis only the splendor of light hideth thee; and so let thy glory, Almighty, impart through Christ in the story, thy Christ to the heart.                                                   W Smith (WOV80)



What is the church? A place of Love and Kindness

Why do we meet? To seek the common Good.

Who are we? We are the Dreamers. We are the sad.

We are the joyous.

What do we do? We try to make the world a better place.

We know success. We know failure.

What is this church? A source of strength and renewal.

Why do we meet? To celebrate the best within us.

Who are we? The growing. The creative. The questioning.

What is this church? A place to see the light that shines forever

through the darkest night.

Our Father, you come to us with gracious and gentle touch.

To reveal and remove that which separates us from you.

Grant forgiveness for those things that spoil our being

and destroy our wholeness of spirit.

Grant us, that during the uncertain times we now face as a congregation we both know and accept the blessing of your “Shalom” your peace. In Jesus’ name we come.






HYMN: Thank You for Giving Me the Morning (MG Schneider  WOV 114)

Thank you for giving me the morning, thank you for every day that’s new, thank you for new things in store for me and for work to do.


Thank you for all my friends and brothers, thank you for everyone

that lives, thank you that even greatest enemies I can forgive.


Thank you for many little sorrows, thank you for every kindly word, thank you that in the midst of trouble sympathy is stirred.


Thank you, I see your word has meaning, thank you, I know your Spirit here, thank you, because you love all people, those both far and near.


Thank you, O Lord, for speaking to us, thank you for telling us you care, thank you, O Lord, you came among us bread and wine to share.


Thank you, O Lord, your love is boundless, thank you that I am full of you, thank you, you make me feel so glad and thankful as I do.


OLD TESTAMENT READING:  Ruth 3: 1-5 & 4: 13-17   Aubrey McLeod

REFLECTION:   Alice Shanks


HYMN: Loving Spirit                                                     ©Shirley Murray (AA)

Loving Spirit, Loving Spirit, you have chosen me to be –

You have drawn me to your wonder, you have set your sign on me.


Like a mother, you enfold me, hold my life within your own,

Feed me with your very body, form me of your flesh and bone.


Like a father, you protect me, teach me the discerning eye,

Hoist me up upon your shoulder, let me see the world from high.


Friend and lover, in your closeness I am known and held and blessed;

In your promise is my comfort, in your presence I may rest.


Loving Spirit, loving Spirit, you have chosen me to be

You have drawn me to your wonder, you have set your sign on me.


NEW TESTAMENT READING: Mark 12: 41-44            Gilly Penwell



HYMN: Take My Gifts                                                   ©Shirley Murray (AA)

Take my gifts and let me love you, God who first of all loved me,

Gave me light and food and shelter, gave me life and set me free,

Now, because your love has touched me, I have love to give away;

Now the bread of love is rising, loaves of love to multiply!


Take the fruit that I have gathered from the tree your Spirit sowed,

Harvest of your own compassion, juice that makes the wine of God;

Spiced with humour, laced with laughter – flavour of the Jesus life,

Tang of risk and new adventure, taste and zest beyond belief.

Take whatever I can offer – gifts that I have yet to find,

Skills that I am slow to sharpen, talents of the hand and mind,

Things made beautiful for others, in the place where I must be:

Take my gifts and let me love you, God who first of all loved me.


REFLECTIONS:  Alice and Peggy





God of widows and strangers you protect the oppressed and forgotten and feed the hungry with good things.

You stand among us in Christ, offering life to all.

Give us open hearts and minds to respond with love to the world,

Caring for those for whom you care. Amen




HYMN: Tell My People (verses 1,4 & 5)

Tell my people I love them; tell my people that I care.

When they feel far away from me, tell my people I am there.


Tell my people I came and died to give them liberty.

As they abide in me, they will be really free!


Tell my people to share their wealth and fight the sin of greed,

Care for the refugee, the hungry they’re to feed.


Tell my people throughout the world to strive for peace today.

Show love for enemies, be servants of the Way.      ©L Barlotti/G Jansen (AA)


SUNG BLESSING:  (Tune: Eidelweiss)

May the Lord Mighty God bless and keep you forever

Grant you peace, perfect peace, courage in every endeavour

Lift up your eyes and see his face and his grace forever

May the Lord, Mighty God bless and keep you forever. AMEN.




A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning, Please stay for morning tea following the service. Thanks to Pathways Study Group for leading our service.


PLEASE NOTE: Next Sunday’s Service is at 10am, combined with Beckenham, and will be followed by the TANZANIAN LUNCH. $5 a head. See Barbara Meier for venues. If you are unable to join us for lunch, but would still like to contribute to the work of Your Sisters Orphanage in Kisongo, Tanzania, donations are very welcome.


WEDNESDAY WALKERS 11th Nov: Meet 9.30am at the Kaiapoi Visitor Information Centre, 57 Charles St (first turn right over bridge). Coffee will be at Coffee Culture, Raven Quay, next to Blackwell’s Department Store. All welcome. Sue 960 7657.


CRAFTY CRAFTERS Thursdays 10am -12noon in the Lounge. $3.


2nd HAND BOOK SALE: Thursday 12th November 10am-2pm at St Anne’s Anglican Church, 7 Wilsons Rd. All Welcome.



WINNIE BAGOES FERRYMEAD FUNDRAISER: Sunday November 22nd 5.45pm. The money raised will go towards the building fund. We invite everyone to come along for a fun night.  Any special dietary needs can be catered for. Cost is $25 pp ($15 for children under 12). Tickets available now from Irene 332 7306 or Anneke 328 7459.


UNCANNY DAY Sunday 22nd November: Recognising Waltham Cottage and the work they do in the community. We would like to fill their cupboards with tinned food for Christmas. Bring as many cans as you like – these will be brought up during the service. Lyndsey  388 1264.

FOR YOUR DIARIES: Quality Used Clothing Sale with Opawa-St Martins Anglican Parish on Saturday 30th January 2016 at St Mark’s Hall, Opawa Rd. We will also be selling jams, pickles, preserves, cakes, sweets. Your support of this fundraising event would be greatly appreciated. Irene 332 7306


ALPINE PRESBYTERY Newsletter is on the noticeboard.


ST MARTIN’S PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Wed & Thurs 9am-12noon and Fri 9-11am. Phone 332 6192 or email  Website: Any notices  to Anna by 9am this Wednesday please. The Office will be closed on Friday 13th November (Show Day).


ST JAMES’ MEN’S MUSTER TOMORROW 12.30pm at Alan Chapman’s 7 Dellow Pl. All men welcome. Bring finger food lunch to share. We will watch a DVD of the White Pass Railway from Alaska to Yukon. Roger Allen (


PRESCARE JUSTION & ACTION INITIATIVE LAUNCH: Tuesday 17th November at Presbyterian Support, 44 Bealey Ave 12 noon – 2pm. Join the Rt Rev Andrew Norton, members of the Alpine Presbytery, and Presbyterian Support staff and Board members. RSVP by 12/11 if you would like to attend.


FROM CHURCH & SOCIETY: JOIN US ON THE ROAD TO PARIS From 30 Nov – 11 Dec Paris will host the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference. At this summit 196 countries will meet to sign a new climate change agreement. What does climate change mean to us as a people of faith? On Saturday 28th November, there is a Climate Change March, leaving from Victoria Square at 12.30pm. All are welcome to participate.



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