Low Sunday 3rd April 2016 9am



HYMN: Lift High the Cross

Lift high the Cross, the love of Christ proclaim

Till all the world adore his sacred name!


Come, Christian people, sing your praises, shout!

If we are silent, even stones cry out …


Jesus, you wept to see our human strife,

Teach us compassion for each human life …


Peace was your plea and peace your loving theme

Let peace be our passport, peace a living dream …


Great is the cost of walking on this road,

To follow and suffer with the Son of God …


Worlds to be born and children yet to be

Come, take up this song into eternity …                         ©Shirley Murray (AA)


RESPONSIVE READING of Psalm 112:                             Joan Scott

Joan: What about the person who trusts in God and is committed to his will and purposes?

These are people who are rich indeed. Even amidst the circumstances of poverty the wealth and blessings of God are within their reach.

Joan: Such a person has purpose and meaning in their life. Even amid the disorder and void of this temporal existence they are aware of God’s concern and love for them.

These people walk unafraid. The threats of violence or prophesies of doom do not detract from their validity nor alter their course.

Joan: Such a person relates to their fellow human beings. They identify with them in their sorrows and complaints. And share with them their lives and gifts.

These people are truly happy and through them God is working out His purposes in this world today.

             Adapted from “Psalms Now” by Leslie Brandt.


Spoken prayers will be interspersed between each verse of

HYMN: Your Kingdom Come (Tune: Old 100th) please remain seated

“Your kingdom come! Great God we pray

rule be our delight and rule

stretch love and justice in our day

from east to west and pole to pole.”


“On earth your will be rightly done

your law our focus and our frame

as we become more nearly one

with Christ who calls us each by name.”


“May all who hunger now be fed

may those who thirst drink full and deep

give us the grace to share the bread

and in the cup Christ’s memory keep.”


“Oh God, forgive our pride and greed,

wash clean our hearts to do your will,

stir us awake to human need

so may our lives, your plan fulfil.”



“In confidence we hope and pray

we long to see your reign, full blown

all discord past, our joy to say

‘Yours is the kingdom. Yours alone!’.”                        ©Jane Parker Huber



‘The Rabbi’s Gift’


HYMN: Community of Christ (Tune: Leoni)

Community of Christ, who make the Cross your own,

Live out your creed and risk your life for God alone:

The God who wears your face, to whom all worlds belong,

Whose children are of every race and every song.


Community of Christ, look past the Church’s door

And see the refugee, the hungry and the poor.

Take hands with the oppressed, the jobless in your street,

Take towel and water, that you wash your neighbour’s feet.


Community of Christ, through whom the word must sound –

Cry out for justice and for peace the whole world round:

Disarm the powers that war and all that can destroy,

Turn bombs to bread, and tears of anguish into joy.


When menace melts away, so shall God’s will be done,

The climate of the world be peace and Christ its Sun;

Our currency be love and kindliness our law,

Our food and faith be shared as one forever more.        ©Shirley Murray (AA)


SCRIPTURE READING:  Luke 12: 22-32                        David Hodder




TALK: “Anxiety, Life and Faith”




HYMN: Who is this Man? (Tune: Londonderry Air)

Who is this man, who gathered people to him,

and touched their lives along each dusty way;

who spoke to all with passion and with peacefulness

and valued all their ordinary days?

Who is this man, who, at the long day’s ending,

would draw apart to wait on God and pray,

and, in that mystery that knows no ending,

would find God’s wisdom and would know God’s words to say.

Who is this man, who gave to women dignity

in partnership of worth and equal grace,

who listened to the stories that they told him,

and honoured each whatever was their place;

who let them choose to come and join his company

and learned with them God’s love for every race,

who showed to each the courage of their nature

to care and tend each lonely and each suffering face?


Who is this man, who spoke to men of gentleness

and showed them all the children at his side;

who taught of love and justice for all people,

and took a towel and washed away their pride?

In him they saw the strength of truth and mercy,

and how he trusted God to be his guide,

knew how he led them through misunderstanding,

and then forgave them when they ran away to hide.


Who is this man, who calls us now to follow,

a shadow presence asking us to be

companions of the way through this life’s journey,

to live in truth, to set our tired world free?

So, let us find each other now in partnership,

with ears to hear and eyes awake to see,

that we might grow in grace and understanding,

and walk beside that man who comes from Galilee.                         ©Mary Pearson.














A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Please stay for morning tea following the service. Many thanks to Trevor Crew for leading our worship today.



All our goods will once again go to stock the pantry at Waltham Cottage.

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ANZAC DAY SERVICE: Monday 25th April 10am at St Anne’s Anglican Church. All are welcome.



The Christchurch Community Response Volunteers team (CCR) will be doorknocking in the St Martins area on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 5-7th April and 12-14th April, between 9.30am – 1.00pm. See Irene TODAY if you would like to be involved.


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ST JAMES’ MEN’S MUSTER scheduled for 11th April has been cancelled.


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