Sunday 18th September 2016 10am at CMLC Hall 110 Waltham Rd

Coming Together as part of God’s Family



CALL TO WORSHIP:  (from Psalm113)

How great and generous is our God                                      From hour to hour our lives should overflow with praise and gratitude

It is amazing how God permeates every facet of our lives                And works out the divine purpose despite our human faults and failings

God creates beauty out of dust                                                           Out of the ashes of our failure God brings forth meaning and purpose

From our weakness and emptiness                                                   God makes stepping stones to a new future

How great and generous is our God


HYMN: Each Breath is Borrowed Air (Tune: Diademata)

Each breath is borrowed air, not ours to keep and own,

And all our breaths as one declare what wisdom long has known:

To live is to receive and answer back with praise

To what our minds cannot conceive: the source of all our days.


The sea flows in our veins. The dust of stars is spun

To form the coiled, encoded skeins by which our cells are run:


From earth and sea and dust arise yet greater things,

The wonders born of love and trust, a grateful heart that sings:


And when our death draws near and tries to dim our song,

Our parting prayers will make it clear to whom we still belong:

(Thomas Troeger)




HYMN: Spirit of the Living God

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.

Melt me, mould me, fill me, use me.

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me.


Spirit of the living God, move among us all;

Make us one in heart and mind, make us one in love:

Humble, caring, selfless, sharing.

Spirit of the living God, fill our lives with love!

©Daniel Iverson & Michael Baughen




Listening to a Word from God

READING:  Luke 16:1-9, 14,15 (Jesus tells a rather remarkable story about a dishonest manager to emphasise the values of grace and generosity which are sadly lacking in the Pharisees, the good religious people of the day.)                          Jeannette Beaumont


ADDRESS:             Grace and Generosity


Responding to God’s Word

A TIME OF QUIET:  In the stillness listen for what God is saying to you

HYMN: Amazing Grace (WOV56)

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now found, was blind, but now I see.


‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved; how precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed!


Through many dangers, toils, and snares I have already come;

‘tis grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.


The Lord has promised good to me, his word my hope secures;

he will my shield and portion be as long as life endures.        John Newton.


PRAYING:                      Our thanks and our concerns



Going Out to Reshape the World



Look at your hands. See the touch and the tenderness,

God’s own for the world.

Look at your feet. See a path and a way towards life

God’s own for the world.

Look at your heart. See the fire and the passion and the love,

God’s own for the world.

Look at Christ our life. See God’s Son and our Saviour,

God’s own for the world.

This is God’s world.

And we will serve God in it.

May God bless you. May God keep you with great care and lead your lives with love.

May God’s grace and generosity shine in our lives and the Spirit’s peace in heart and home prevail through everyday


HYMN: Every Day I Will Offer You

Every day I will offer you, loving God my heart and mind

Every way I discover you, in the work your hand has signed;

Help me see I’m your image, and You have dreamed what I might be –

Every day – in your Spirit, I’ll find the love and energy!


Every day I will look to Christ and give thanks for wine and bread.

Through the pain and the emptiness where your world cries to be fed;

Help me see I can work for change, and wherever I might be.

Every day in your Spirit, I’ll find the love and energy!


Every day I will take your word, answer your compassion’s claim,

Celebrate every sign of hope, every deed done in your name;

Help me see you are always there,

and your light can shine through me,

Every day in your Spirit, I’ll find the love and energy!     ©Shirley Murray (AA)



SINGING: Joy Be In Thy Heart (sung through twice)

Joy be in thy heart, Peace be in thy spirit,

Compassion be thy journey, Love be in thee.


Joy be in my heart, Peace be in my spirit,

Compassion be my journey, Love be in me.







NEXT SUNDAY 25th September we will be at Beckenham Methodist at 10am for a combined service.

PLEASE NOTE: Daylight Saving begins that day

so don’t forget to turn your clocks forward!!












A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Please stay for morning tea and the AGM following the service.


2017 FUNDRAISING CALENDARS now available. $20. An excellent Christmas gift and perfect for posting overseas. Please see Charlotte Houston or Judith Mackay.


WEDNESDAY WALKERS 21st September: Meet 9.30am in Mona Vale Avenue – outside Mona Vale for a walk around the area and through Mona Vale.  We will have coffee at Dux Dine.  All welcome to join us on the walk or just for coffee. Judith  332 1577.


SESSION meets this Wednesday 21st September 7.30pm at Merchiston, 75 St Martins Rd.


CRAFTY CRAFTERS: Thursdays 10am-12noon. $3 per session at Beckenham Methodist. To find out more, speak to Lyndsey 388 1264. New faces always welcome.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD shoeboxes now available from June Service. Have fun filling a box for a needy child. Must be returned by Sunday 16th October please.


BUILDING REPORT….The Building team has asked the architect to move ahead to the next stage of developing more detailed working drawings which can be more accurately costed.  This will involve obtaining detailed structural plans, a fire engineers report, and a detailed kitchen plan.  Once these plans are obtained a Quantity Surveyor will make an accurate budget estimate which will need to be approved by the congregation, the Presbytery, and the Church Property Trustees.   If it is agreed to proceed, a contract will then be signed with a construction company, and work will begin, hopefully early in the new year.



Rod Oram spoke last Monday about climate change…..  He believes we are about to witness the 6th Great Extinction in earth’s history as many species will be unable to adapt quickly enough to the rising temperatures that will affect us all in the next 50 years.  He urged us all to reduce carbon emissions, saying that the only way we can turn things around is through everyone doing something.  Churches including our own have been at the forefront of campaigns to divest investments in oil and coal mining operations.  More needs to be done to challenge the big banks to divest such investments.  Investing with smaller banks (eg SBS, Heartland, TSB) can be something we all can do.   Rod, as an important part of his Christian faith, has committed to living a carbon neutral lifestyle.  As part of a group of Christians in Auckland he has worked to reduce carbon emissions from church complexes.  See



Reverse Greed…Heal the Earth

Series of four seminars at Knox Centre, 28 Bealey Ave, 5.30 – 7pm each Thursday in October. Tea and coffee from 5pm. Organised by EcuAction and Inner-City Churches. All welcome.

6 October: Reverse Greed in Energy & Transport –

Prof Simon Kingham & Steve Muir;

13 October: Reverse Greed in Banking & Finance –

Sheena Dickson & Dr Ekant Veer;

20 October: Our Water – Reverse Greed –

Rhys Taylor & Tim Davie;

27 October: Our Food – Reverse Greed –

Dr Chris Horne & Chloe Waretini.


SOUTH BRIGHTON CHORAL SOCIETY with Chillingham Voices (NSW) present “Notes Across the Tasman” Wednesday 12th October 7.30pm at The Piano: Centre for Music and the Arts, 156 Armagh St. Tickets $15 adults and $5 for children available from Lyndsey McKay.


PARISH OFFICE: Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 12 noon, Fridays 9-11am Ph 332 6192.

Please make sure Anna has any notices by 9am Thursday.

INTERIM MINISTER: Rev Dugald Wilson 380 5024;


BIRTHDAYS  THIS WEEK: Sun 18th Gilly, Benjamin; Thu 22nd Hilary; Fri 23rd Daniel.