Sunday 16th October 2016

While our church building is repaired we are meeting each Sunday at the Mineral & Lapidary Club 110 Waltham Rd (next to Waltham School) each Sunday at 10am.

We would love to have the opportunity to welcome you.

Our worship focus: Mental Health Awareness Week

Illness occurs because of many factors in our lives including the genetics we are born with, the relationships we have with those around us, the hurts and wounds we carry, diet, life circumstances, and a host of other factors we are not very aware of.

God does not send illness including mental illness to punish or to teach us a lesson

God’s presence in our lives is that of a non-coercive force and power working for health and wholeness. Treatment of mental illness may involve many aspects.  Drugs, diet, alternative medicines and therapies, counselling, love and acceptance, and spiritual practices. 

God can be present in all ‘treatments’ as a non-coercive power and force for wholeness and health.

When it comes to mental illness, religious communities like our congregation can play a powerful role in actively accepting and affirming people who are often shunned by others as being different, odd, and even dangerous.  Hospitality, not exclusion, is at the heart of Christian spirituality.   Hospitality and healing go together.

While God does not send mental illness people may find God within the illness and the illness itself can be, in its own way, a blessing

Many people with mental illness bring insight, compassion, and creative wisdom into our lives.  Another way of saying this is that God can and often does draw good from the tragedies and the broken places of our lives. 



PARISH BREAKFAST Sunday 30th October 8.30am. All are welcome to Breakfast – Tea , toast and other goodies. Bring your family and friends and come and share breakfast together at St Martin’s.


UNCANNY DAY Sunday 30th October – please bring lots of cans of food to fill the cupboards at Waltham Community Cottage.


NEW ROSTER available today – please check to see if there is a copy for you.

2017 FUNDRAISING CALENDARS still available. $20. Please see Charlotte Houston or Judith Mackay.


GARAGE SALE on site at 43 St Martins Rd Saturday 10th December.  More soon!


FOOT CLINIC TOMORROW 1-4pm in the Lounge at Beckenham Methodist.


BOARD OF MANAGERS meeting Wednesday 19th October 7.30pm at Merchiston.


WEDNESDAY WALKERS 19th October: Meet 9.30am in Charleswoth St  by the  Charlesworth Reserve, which comes off Ferry Road, on the left, just after the Tunnel Rd  roundabout. Coffee at the Cafe Del Mar, Ferry Road with parking in the carpark by Speights Ale House, Waterman Dr. Alla re welcome. Anneke 328 7459.


CRAFTY CRAFTERS Thursdays 10am – 12 noon at Beckenham Methodist Lounge. $3. Work on your own craft project or learn a new one. This is a very friendly group and new faces are always welcome. See Lyndsey McKay for more information.


CHAPEL HELPERS AT BURWOOD HOSPITAL: Can you spare a couple of hours on a Sunday morning two or three times a year? We need four people to assist Cashmere on 20th November. If you would like to be involved in this important ministry, or for further information, please see Irene Gray.


Reverse Greed…Heal the Earth seminar at Knox Centre, 28 Bealey Ave, 5.30 – 7pm Thursday 20th October: Our Water – Reverse Greed.


PARISH OFFICE: Wednesday & Thursday 9am – 12 noon, Fridays 9-11am

Ph 332 6192. Email:

Please make sure Anna has any notices by 9am Thursday.

INTERIM MINISTER: Rev Dugald Wilson 380 5024;