Sunday 29 October 2017



 Sunday 29th October 2017

The Work of Presbyterian Support 

Presbyterian Support is a Christian social service agency working for a just society.  If you or someone in your community or whanau require assistance in order to maintain or improve your quality of life or general wellbeing, give us a call and if we can’t help then we are likely to know who can. For specific services please take brochures home to read or share. To learn more about what we do, you can sign up with us to receive our People Helping People Magazine.  If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please let us know! Give us a call on 366 5472.

A MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF MANAGERS: A reminder that St Martins Church is a construction site and therefore off limits,so please DO NOT enter under any circumstances. Visitors are welcome to pop into the Parish Office.

A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Please stay for morning tea after the service.  Our thanks to Olivia, Vicki & Chris from Presbyterian Support for speaking to us today.                                                  

Foot Clinic TOMORROW 1-4pm at Beckenham Methodist.

Commemorating the Reformation service: Tuesday 31st October at 7:00pm, Knox Church
How do we commemorate Luther’s actions across the churches of different histories? Well, we just do, with participants from many streams including the Presbyterians, Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Independents. With old hymns and new worship styles we will bring our worship, prayer and expressions of unity together under the title “From Conflict to Communion.”

 Wednesday Walkers 1st November: meet 9.30am outside Blue Smoke in the Tannery carpark.  Dugald will take us along the Heathcote River to Radley Park to see the new Roimata Food Commons, then on to a native planting project and the proposed cycle route back to the Tannery and Mitchelli’s for coffee.

Crafty Crafters Thursdays 10am-12 noon at Beckenham Methodist. $3 per session. Bring along your own craft project, or learn a new skill! Contact Beverley 384 7814 for further details.

All Saints Sunday, November 5th NEXT Sunday we remember those who have passed on before us.  We name those who have died in the past year and light a candle in memory.  There will also be an opportunity for anyone to light a candle in memory of a loved one.

Uncanny Day Sunday 11th  November: Please start collecting tinned food to fill the larder at Waltham Cottage.  Lyndsey McKay.

Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with a Ceilidh and the Incredible Ceilidh Band. Saturday 25th November 7.30-10.00pm at Opawa Community Church Hall. $10 adults, $2 children and a plate for supper please. Tickets available NOW from Irene.

Next Parish Breakfast Sunday 19th November 8.45am, brought to you by the Walking Group. More details soon.

 Articles are required NOW for the next ‘Messenger’ please. Deadline 24th November. Email contributions to:

The Muslim Rohingya people come from Myanmar where they are a persecuted minority.  Many have fled the brutal persecution, and thousands have ended up in Malaysia.  There they are stateless and in reality the Malaysian government is doing little to help them.   Unable to legally work, receive state funded health care, or participate in the education system they eke out an existence as unwanted nobodies.

Some locals are working to assist.  In their recent visit Dugald and Janet met up with Selina a local Muslim woman who is helping refugees with housing, learning local languages, finding food.  With a sewing machine she has taught one refugee to make shopping bags.   It is a drop in the bucket but every drop counts. We have a small supply of bags for sale for $10 per bag plus any donation you might like to make. 

Fundraiser for St Martins: Handmade greeting cards for sale. $3 each.  All proceeds to St Martins Building fund. They will be at church on Sundays on back table. Please see Janette Morris if you would like something personal made. eg significant birthday.

Christmas Community Choir All ages and stages. Nearby local communities welcome to join the South West Baptist Church Christmas choir for 2017. To join the list and receive information:

Building Progress: The inside of the church looks a little different.  The kitchen area and old office has been gutted, and the stage is gone in the church.  Shortly the concrete floor will be cut and work done to strengthen foundations at either end of the building.

However we still do not have a consent from the council.  Issues have been raised concerning the fire report and building occupancy.  Testing has also revealed asbestos in the lino in the foyer and the soffit.