Sunday 18th March 2018



 Sunday 18th March 2018 10am

 The Welcoming Prayer is a method of actively letting go of thoughts and feelings that support the false-self system.  It is based on the well known verse from Psalm 46: Be still and know that I am God. Developed by Mary Mrozowski, one of the founders of Contemplative Outreach, the Welcoming Prayer invites God to dismantle the emotional programmes of the false-self system and to heal the emotional wounds we’ve stored in the body. The method of the Welcoming Prayer includes noticing the feelings, emotions, thoughts and sensations in your body, welcoming them, and then letting them go. Practicing the Welcoming Prayer offers one the opportunity to make choices free of the false-self system — responding instead of reacting to the present moment. The purpose of the Welcoming Prayer is to deepen one’s relationship with God by consenting to God’s healing presence and action in the ordinary activities of daily life.

Instructions: When you have an overly emotional experience in daily life, take a moment to be still and silent and follow these steps.

Focus, feel and sink into the feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations and commentaries in your body.

Welcome God in the feelings, emotions, thoughts, commentaries or sensations in your body by saying, “Welcome.”

Let go by repeating the following sentences:

“I let go of the desire for security, affection, control.”

“I let go of the desire to change this feeling/sensation.”

(Fr Thomas Keating has a longer version of the prayer which you can find on the internet…)

Notices: A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Please stay for morning tea after the service.

 Thank you to members of Session for providing this morning’s delicious breakfast.

There will be a Good Friday service on Friday 30th March at 9.30am at CMLC.

 Homeshare Plus Day-Care Programme: Volunteers from St Martins work with Presbyterian Support to provide a support network for older people, who may be in frail health, lonely, or having difficulties with early dementia. At Homeshare Plus they enjoy companionship, stimulating activities, walks and a hot meal in the middle of the day.

We meet every Tuesday in the Sydenham Community Centre for morning tea, lunch and activities.  If you would like to know more, please speak to Lyndsey McKay.

Wednesday Walkers: 21st March. Meet 9.30am in Victoria Park carpark for a walk up Harry Ell track for coffee at the Sign of the Kiwi. Sonya 0272533397.

Session meets this Wednesday 21st March 7.30pm at Merchiston.

Lenten Conversations this week: Monday 19th March 7.30pm at Dugald & Janet’s; and Wednesday 21st March 1.30pm at Sonya & David’s

Easter Eggs for Waltham Cottage: Please pop an extra egg or two in with your groceries this week, and bring them along to church next Sunday.

Crafty Crafters Craft Crawl to Hanmer Springs Thursday 29th March leaving at 9.00am from Beckenham Methodist. Please be there by 8.45am. Cost for the bus is $25 pp. Contact Lyndsey McKay 388 1264 to book.

Fundraiser for St Martins: Handmade greeting cards for sale. $3 each.  All proceeds to St Martins Building fund.

Building Report: As we go to print (Friday) we are still waiting for the Church Property Trustees to sign the contract with Simon Construction.   However we expect this will be completed today.  Simon plan to work first on the rear of the building and have dug out the increased foundation and have steel reinforcing made up to complete this part of the work.  A large amount of steel will be inserted in the west wall and a small section of roof will need to be removed to undertake this.  We expect workmen on site on Monday.

Readers: If you would like to be added to the readers’ roster, please contact the Parish Office 332 6192 or email

A Spacious Way – A reflective space for Holy Week at The Village Church – Papanui, cnr Papanui Rd & Frank St.
Featuring images and poems by Andrew Norton
Monday 26th  March – Sunday 1st April open 9am – 5pm
Andrew says: “This is a deeply personal and sacred place for me as I have journeyed with change, transition, surgery for pancreatic cancer and subsequent chemotherapy. While I would rather not be in this place I am full of gratitude for the opportunities gifted to me as I have explored my creativity and an invitation to a spacious way.  The poetry and landscapes of this exhibition have been a vital part of my healing and recovery.”