Good Friday 30th March 9.30am

Today is a solemn day.

Today is a day we remember the powers of darkness

are strong and real.

Today we recall that the presence of God, seen in Jesus,

was consigned to the cross to be silenced and extinguished.

We gather in the shadow of the cross.



Good Friday Prayer


In silence the cross speaks

In silence God waits

For us to come to our senses


In silence on this day we remember

Your body broken by the choices of humans.

Afraid, stupid, weak.

Your truth ignored

By the choice of humans

whose blindness turned religion

Into a club

Your life was crucified.


In silence the cross speaks

In silence God waits.

For us to come to us senses.


In word and in silence open our eyes to the evil

Present in our hearts our lives, our world.

Call us again into a holy union with you our God

That together we can shape a new earth.

Wrap your unending love around us that we might stand tall

For the way of compassion

The way of Jesus.

O saviour of the world

Through our lives and by our prayers

May the reign of God come on earth.



Join us for Easter Sunday Communion 10am

REMINDER: Daylight Saving finishes on Sunday – don’t forget to turn your clocks back!!