Sunday 24 June 2018

While our Church Building is Repaired we are meeting each Sunday at The Mineral & Lapidary Club 110 Waltham Rd (next to Waltham School) at 10am.

We would love to have the opportunity to welcome you.


Sunday 24th June 2018

NOTICES: Anna will not be in the Office this Thursday 28th June

 Fireside Women’s Group meets this Tuesday 26th June 7.30pm at Merchiston, 75 St Martins Rd.  We welcome all women to join us if they would like to hear Fern talk to us about the trip she and James made to parts of South America and through the Panama Canal. If those who are able to would park on the road and walk in that will leave the parking space in the grounds for those who need to drive in.   Enquiries Margaret 366 8936

 Wednesday Walkers 27th June: Meet at 9.30am in Holmwood Rd between Garden Rd & Helmores Lane for a walk in the area followed by coffee at McCafe Merivale – will need to car pool this part as parking is premium in Merivale! Marilyn & Keith 960 2484.

Parish Breakfast Sunday 15th July 8.45am. Brought to you by members of Fireside. More details next week!

 Caving at Charleston on the West Coast…. A parish trip for a small group 21st – 24th August.   A gentle introduction to some awe inspiring caves.  No experience required other than ability to walk along a track for a couple of km.  Talk to Dugald if you might be interested in joining the group.

 Crafty Crafters Thursdays 10am – 12 noon at Beckenham Methodist. $3 per session. New faces always welcome. Contact Lyndsey McKay 388 1264 for more information.

Waltham Cottage Foodbank:  As the colder weather sets in, the Cottage will see greater demand for food parcels.  Please consider adding an extra item or two to your weekly groceries to help fill the Cottage’s larder. Not sure what to buy? Cereals, tinned fruit & fish, pasta, soups and personal hygiene products are always welcome.

Prayer Requests: A book is located in the foyer for anyone to write in prayer requests. If suitable these requests will be actioned in public worship. In making a request please ensure if people are identifiable they have given permission.

 Parish Midwinter Lunch Sunday 22nd July

12 noon at the Cashmere Club – $24.50 per head. (Please pay on arrival at the venue).

If you would like to come, please add your name to the list at the back of the Church, and indicate how many will be attending. We need to know numbers by Sunday 15th July. Any queries? Speak to Allison 332 0554.


Managers’ Report June

 Rebuild.. We have decided to connect the SS building with power and as part of this job we hope to remove the Chorus pole on the southern boundary and run the church supply underground from the road. An application to Orion is being actioned.

The contractor has negotiated with the engineers about the need to remove some small sections of soffit lining which contain asbestos.  Unfortunately this has not proved successful.

Church Roof… all the rusting nails have been replaced with galvanised screws. Thank you to all who were involved.

Maintenance Plan – work to be achieved 2018- June 2019

Corrugated iron above old study and kitchen needs replacing with coloursteel

SS Rooms guttering south side needs to be replaced

Church Roof repainted

Repair exterior SS rooms – replacing weatherboards, painting building

Repair flooring in SS rooms

Asbestos Plan – an asbestos plan has been adopted

Church Cleaning – we will include a figure of $75.00 per week in our budget for church cleaning to allow for 2 hours of cleaning and purchase of materials and equipment.  We propose a regular working bee quarterly to do a major clean.

Manse – After discussion about the possibility of selling the manse no action was taken.  It was noted the manse is constructed of permanent materials and therefore is relatively maintenance free.

Garage for Storage – we have purchased a Versatile Garage from our neighbour for $400.  We have applied for a consent exemption from CCC and plan to locate the garage for storage purposes near the south boundary at the rear of the church.  Innovative ways of shifting the garage are being explored.  A slab to locate it on will have to be poured.