Sunday 19 August 2018

While our Church Building is Repaired we are meeting each Sunday at The Mineral & Lapidary Club 110 Waltham Rd (next to Waltham School) at 10am.

We would love to have the opportunity to welcome you.


Sunday 19th August 2018


Next of kin…It would be helpful if people put the name of their next of kin and contact telephone number on the back of their nametag. This allows us to contact a family member should anything happen during a worship service. Please also include the names of any significant medications.

Foot Clinic TOMORROW 1-4pm at Beckenham Methodist. New volunteers always welcome. See Lyndsey McKay for details.

Wednesday Walkers 22nd August: Meet 9.30am at Simeon St entrance to Barrington Mall car park for a Spreydon Old and not so Old walk led by Janette and Cyril.  Coffee at Café Mosaic. All welcome. Cyril 0211611178 or Judith 0276881861.

Crafty Crafters meets every Thursday 10am – 12 noon at Beckenham Methodist. Lyndsey 388 1264.

Articles are now required for next ‘Messenger’. The deadline is THIS Friday, 24th August. Email:

Waltham Community Cottage Te Whare Roopu o Oterepo AGM Monday 27th August 5.30pm at the Cottage, 201 Hastings St East. All welcome.

Annual Reports: Please email all reports to Anna immediately! Deadline: 9am THIS Wednesday 22nd August. Recent photos of your group and/or activities would also be appreciated. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Sunday 23rd September.

 Family Quiz Night at St Anne’s Hall on NEXT Sunday 26th August 5pm.  BYO drinks and nibbles, and cash. This is a fundraiser for Opawa-St Martins Anglican Parish. Tickets ($10) available from Anna at the Office 332 6192. 

CHICKEN MANURE  – Christchurch South Rotary Club will be selling bags of chicken manure from Saturday 25th August, $6 per bag or 4 for $20, at   Thorrington School. Deliveries are available for orders of four or more bags. See Tony – 332 0554 for more details.

Organ Recital by John Dodgshun 2.30pm TODAY at St Andrew’s at Rangi Ruru, $5 entry.

Aprons from Your Sisters available for sale today $22. See Barb Meier after the service.

About Your Sisters Orphanage, Kisongo, Tanzania, East Africa: Your Sisters Orphanage was established in 2011 by an American woman, Libby Bailey, her partner Frank Mollel, and his Masai family.  It is divided into three parts, each complementing the other:

Creative Community Programme (CCP)This programme was implemented to provide the women of Kisongo village area a means towards economic self-sufficiency.

There are about 20 women who sew together at the Orphanage and make lovely bags, aprons and children’s clothes.

These items are sold commercially. Some of the money goes towards running costs of the Orphanage, but most goes to the women themselves.

Orphanage for Girls:  The ‘Your Sisters’ orphanage is a sanctuary for young girls who have been orphaned or abandoned. It is their home, where they receive love, nurturing care and support in a family environment.

They ensure each child receives nutritious meals and clean water, and comfortable shelter. Clothing, health care, and access to quality education are very important provisions.

Volunteer & Travel Groups: Travellers and Volunteers can come and take part in a programme with the orphans, or the women; and combine this a visit to the Serengeti wildlife park, a climb up Kilimanjaro or relax on the beaches of Zanzibar. Any profits are fed back in to the work of the Orphanage.

Tanzania has a population of over 40 million, and nearly 90% of Tanzanians struggle to survive on less than $1.50 a day.

To find out more about ‘Your Sisters’, speak to Barbara & Rob Meier.


Managers’ Report

  • We are formulating conditions of use policy and establishing hire charges for the new church complex.


  • An update on the building was tabled. This shows we have significant cost increases in several areas with respect to our projected budget.

There have been a series of issues fitting the steel into the building. The consulting engineer originally estimated his time would cost $7500, but this has been revised up to $23,000.

Electrical work will be more extensive than originally designed – increasing the electrical budget by $33,000.

New sliding doors will be fitted to the lounge at a cost of $12,000.

We note our architect has also exceeded the estimated cost of his work.


  • A long discussion was held to address a proposal that we seek special funding from the congregation to meet costs of the rebuild. Managers support the Building Team in this initiative.


  • The neighbour’s garage will shortly be shifted onto our property for storage. It will need to be divided in half to avoid the need for a consent.


  • Insurance: Full insurance for non natural disaster (eg fire) has been secured for all our buildings. For natural disaster (eg earthquake) we are insured for indemnity only. The cost of this is $10,000.


  • Our Treasurer Joan Macdonald presented the annual accounts showing a net loss of $68,720. However our accounts are heavily influenced by the costs of the rebuild.


  • A draft budget for 2018-19 was presented and approved.