Sunday 7th April 2019


A very warm welcome to you all this morning. After the service please come through to the Lounge for a cuppa and a time to talk.

All Ages Together…Next Sunday we will have an All Age Together service at 10am. There will be a choice of activities to participate in highlighting aspects of Easter.

If you notice any defects that need remedying in the building please notify the office as soon as possible

so we can communicate these to the builders.  Please do not wait for

someone else to report something as by then we may be out of our guarantee period.

New Sunday roster available – please check to see if there is a copy for you.

Wednesday Walkers: 10th April Meet 9.30am at the Fendalton Village Shopping Centre, 21 Memorial Ave. Meet out front on street. P120 parking available but limited so suggest car pooling if you can. Coffee at the popular Bakermans. All welcome. Marilyn 338 2453.

Bacon Fundraiser: Hellers Short Cut Middle Bacon. $8.00 per pack 400gm (12-14 slices). Orders close on Sunday 28th  April 2019. Delivery late May (date to be advised). Joan 337 1648.

Easter Eggs for Waltham Cottage:  please pop in an extra egg or two when you do your shopping, and bring them along to church by NEXT Sunday so they can be delivered to the Cottage. Thank you for your support.

Easter Services:

9.30am Good Friday 19th April – we remember

10am Easter Sunday 21st April – we celebrate the resurrection.

Crafty Crafters: Thursdays 10am-12 noon at 43 St Martins Rd. Bring along an unfinished craft item, or learn a new skill. Cost $3 per session. Lyndsey 388 1264.

Looking Ahead: We will host an Anzac Day Service at 9.30am on April 25th. This will be a short simple service in which there will be opportunity to remember family members who have served in the armed forces. Morning tea will follow, and offers of Anzac biscuits can be left with the Office.

Parish Office telephones are now fully operational!

Pathways Group invites you to join the group for coffee/tea and reflection on Saturday 27th  April at 10am at the church.  The topic for discussion is “How do we find comfort in our faith?”  All welcome.

A First Aid kit, and a blanket & pillow are available in the kitchen in case of emergencies. Please remember to fill in an Incident Report if they are used. Forms are available from the Parish Office.

“Sing for the World”: Bring your voice, your heart and your desire to sing led by John Bell (The Iona Community, Scotland) Tuesday 21st May 7-9pm at Knox Church Centre, Bealey Ave. Entry by koha.

Dear friends at St Martins

At our St Mark’s Parish Council meeting last week we noted that your congregation is celebrating the return to your church worship space on 31st March and we extend greetings on that occasion. We understand this has been a very long and challenging journey and send sincere congratulations on reaching this great milestone. Our prayer is that your connection with your community continues to strengthen and grow. Some in our congregation have personal links with those in yours and we cannot help but feel some of the joy and relief that this weekend will bring to you. Also our past familiarity with your minister Dugald Wilson has meant that we are interested in this step of progress across the city. May God’s love and blessings surround you all as you enjoy Sunday’s celebration and the future ahead in your home church.

Warm regards and blessings

Janne Ross

Parish Clerk, St Mark’s, Avonhead.

To our brothers and sisters in Christ,

CONGRATULATIONS on the opening of your beautiful building. We know that it marks the end of a long and exhausting journey as well as the start of an exciting new chapter in ministry. You have our prayers and our love in all you do. We hope the $200 gift voucher will help with any final touches with landscaping and gardens.


Reverend Canon Ben Truman

Anglican Parish of Opawa-St Martins

On behalf of the leadership and congregation of CNL (Cashmere New Life Church), we are pleased to see that you are now able to meet and worship in your repaired church building.

The earthquakes may have shaken the ground and damaged our buildings, but we know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And may he lead you as you continue to bring that message into the community as you have done for many years.

May God’s blessing always be upon you, and that His love is made known with the community in all that you do. 

Craig Wenmoth

Elder, CNL