Good Friday 9.30am

Call to Worship:

Leader:          Today is a solemn day.
Today is a day we remember the powers of darkness
are strong and real.
Today we recall that the presence of God, seen in Jesus, was consigned to the cross to be silenced and extinguished.

ALL               We have seen these powers, we know these powers.  Here we seek another power seen in the Christ who died that we might find life.

Singing:        Go to Dark Gethsemene (Tune: Petra)


Reading:        Matt 26: 36-52                   The Arrest      

                                                                David Beaumont

Reflection:     Power….

Reading:        Luke 23:13-26, 32-47        The Crucifixion of Jesus

                                                                Janet Dunn

Singing:        Were you There

Reflection:     The cross…. Something is wrong

Making:         Palm Cross

Singing:        Lift High the Cross ©Shirley Murray (AA)

Prayer            with the Lord’s Prayer

Reading:        Mark 15:40-57                   The Burial

                                                                Fern Wakefield

Reflection: The Love that will not let go