Sunday 18th August 2019


A very warm welcome to you all this morning. After the service please come through to the Lounge for a cuppa and a time to chat.

Annual General Meeting Sunday 15th September 2019 following morning worship. Apologies and items of General Business to Irene please.

Board of Managers meets this Wednesday 21st August 7.30pm in the foyer.

Crafty Crafters: Meets on Thursdays in the Church lounge 10am-12noon. $3 per session. Contact Lyndsey 388 1264 for more information.

The girls currently at Your Sisters Tanzania are:

Rebecca is the oldest, Monica the youngest, and Dafrosa is the newest.

And there is also: Sophia, Veronica, Queen, Rose and Glady (Gladness).

Rob will pass round a jam jar for donations this morning,  and there will be some more aprons for sale at $22, made by women participating in the Creative Communities programme. IOUs taken! Rob & Barb Meier.

Thank you to everyone who submitted annual reports and photographs. Anna.

Wednesday Walkers 21st August: Meet 9.30am Meet at the Waimairi Beach Golf Club 460 Bower Avenue, Parklands.

Please park in the first parking area which is on the right hand side as you drive in, as there is limited parking in front of the café, where we will have coffee. All welcome.    Barbara 0211263801 or Alan 0211427668.

Articles are now required for the next ‘Messenger’ by FRIDAY please. E-mail any contributions to

Meditation Group…About ten people are meeting each week to spend time in stillness (20 mins) with a small message of teaching.  Tuesdays 7.00-7.45pm in the Lounge. New members are always welcome or speak with Jeannette & David, Keith, Janet, or Helen.

MenzShed…the St Martins MenzShed has been Incorporated and is now an official group! Plans are to use the community room as an electronics hub and to install a 40 foot container to act as a woodworking workshop. We are already undertaking projects on behalf of the community. Keith Mitchelmore and Warren Pettigrew are on the newly formed leadership team with Dugald as an advisor.

Rosters: Church Cleaning  – volunteers for September through to December required please. Pop your name on the clipboard in the foyer if you can help.

Lawn Mowing: Now that we are back on site, and with spring around the corner, we also require volunteers to mow the church lawns from the beginning of September. If you’re interested, please speak to Barry Moore 338 4622, or leave a message at the Office.

Saturday Night Movie…

There are many different stories we tell ourselves about our singing: we can’t read music, we sing off-key, we are embarrassed to raise our voice in public, and the like. But as many choir directors know, the point is not to learn how to sing properly but to connect with our soul and make music in our unique way.  Singing and finding the confidence to let our soul burst forth in song is what our final winter-time movie series is all about.

As It Is in Heaven, is a 2004 Swedish film that was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2005 Academy Awards. (It does have English subtitles) The story focuses on a lonely but gifted conductor who arrives in a small rural village in northern Sweden, his new found role of leading the local church choir, the idiosyncratic and very human members of the choir, but ultimately the power of music to release the Spirit of love and hope and break open people’s hearts.   This is a must see! 

Saturday 7th September at 6.15pm in our church lounge.  Bring your tea at 5.45pm

and share conversation before the movie.