Sunday 1st September 2019


A very warm welcome to you all this morning. After the service please come through to the Lounge for a cuppa and a time to chat.

Managers’ Report

The design and construction of concrete paths and decking has gone well thanks to great work from Cyril Morris, Graham McNicholl, Keith Mitchelmore, David Hodder, and our minister.  Rob Meier and Keith are currently working on fencing and gates.

Shelving has been installed in the foyer storeroom.  We will install racks for large tables in the lounge and in one of the foyer storerooms.

Security Fencing has been sold – thanks to Ken Austin.

Two new groups will be using the complex on Wednesdays from October – Port Hills U3A, and The Familial Trust.  The Familial Trust works with families who have a member affected by an addiction.

Our Treasurer Joan Macdonald has prepared annual accounts.  These show that after the rebuild we still have approx. $66,500 of cash assets at the end of the financial year.  The budget for the year ahead however indicates a projected deficit of $12,000.  This includes the scenario of only 2/3rd’s time paid ministry for 2/3rds of the year.  Managers and Session will be looking at options which will include a review of giving, sourcing other income from increased use of facilities, and sourcing income from other sources.  We are aware that going forward we would be in a much better position if we could find ways to employ a minister full time.

Ongoing costs (updated)….our insurance account for the year has arrived – $9,000.  Our power account for July was $650 (NB: about half of this is for the Manse, which the tenant pays).  We have to pay approx. $1000 per annum to have our building checked to ensure we meet fire regulations.

Chairperson resigns….Wayne Barton has indicated he will be stepping down at our AGM.  This means the Board of managers has vacancies to be filled at the AGM.  We are particularly in need of someone with financial experience and planning, and someone with some marketing skills to promote our activities.  We are very grateful to Wayne for the work chairing the Board through a difficult phase and wish him well as he looks to further his teaching career.

MenzShed: The St Martins MenzShed is now an Incorporated Society, with Warren Pettigrew and Keith Mitchelmore on the committee and Dugald as an advisor. We have now located a transportable classroom that could be used as a workshop. This could be placed on our church site at no charge. However consent fees, fire and ground reports, and installation of piles may cost about $20,000. An application to the Alpine Presbytery Mission Fund has been made.

Rosters: Church Cleaning – we need a volunteer urgently for this week!

Lawn Mowing volunteers are also required. Barry Moore 338 4622.

Annual General Meeting Sunday 15th September 2019 following morning worship.

Apologies and items of General Business to Irene please.

Annual Reports are available in the foyer – share one with a friend and save costs.

Crafty Crafters: Meets on Thursdays in the Church lounge 10am-12noon. $3 per session. Contact Lyndsey 388 1264 for more information.

Wednesday Walkers 4th Sept: Meet 9.30am in Stourbridge Street near Oderings for a walk around Spreydon. We will have coffee in the new café. All welcome. Sonya 027 253 3397

For your diaries: The next Parish Breakfast is on Sunday 15th September at 8.45am, hosted by members of the Walking Group. Gold coin koha appreciated.

Ministry Settlement Board – St Martins

A Ministry Settlement Board (MSB) will be set up to find our new minister.  It will include 3 persons appointer by the Presbytery, two persons appointed by the church council, and four persons elected by the congregation. 

The function of the MSB is to review the life of the congregation and future direction and form, determine the terms under which a new minister is called, and discern and locate a suitable candidate to fulfil the ministry as determined. 

We will seek nominations at the AGM for the four people to be elected by the congregation.

Your urgent consideration of this important role is essential. Please speak to your Elder or myself if you are interested in being one of the four people.

Irene Gray, Parish Clerk

Men’s Group will meet this Thursday 5th September at 6pm in the Church Lounge for a shared tea and chat time.    The speaker for the evening will be Martin Cleland and he will share with us his amazing creativity as a wood carver

All men welcome and we look forward to seeing you there.  Contact Tony 332 0554 if you have any queries.

Check out the Jam Stall – there might be something new you haven’t tried.

Sue has the Court Theatre tickets, which she will hand out this morning.

Meditation Group: Tuesdays 7.00-7.45pm in the church lounge each week. You’re welcome to ‘come and try’.

Saturday Night Movie…

There are many different stories we tell ourselves about our singing: we can’t read music, we sing off-key, we are embarrassed to raise our voice in public, and the like. But as many choir directors know, the point is not to learn how to sing properly but to connect with our soul and make music in our unique way.  Singing and finding the confidence to let our soul burst forth in song is what our final winter-time movie series is all about.

As It Is in Heaven, is a 2004 Swedish film that was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in the 2005 Academy Awards. (It does have English subtitles) The story focuses on a lonely but gifted conductor who arrives in a small rural village in northern Sweden, his new found role of leading the local church choir, the idiosyncratic and very human members of the choir, but ultimately the power of music to release the Spirit of love and hope and break open people’s hearts.   This is a must see! 

THIS Saturday 7th September at 6.15pm in our church lounge.  Bring your tea at 5.45pm

and share conversation before the movie.