Sunday 22 September 2019

Session Report:

Minutes of AGM approved.

Memorandum of understanding with St Martins MenzShed approved. This outlines simply how we will work together.

Accepted offer of Alan McKinnon to loan the organ from St James. This organ has now been installed.

Looking at simplifying our Members’ Roll and disbanding the Associate Members Roll.

Fern Wakefield and Rob Meier voted on to the Ministry Settlement Board (MSB) to join Carol Mechaelis, Gaynor Allen, Charlotte Houston, Ken Austin & Jeannette Beaumont, elected by the congregation.


A very warm welcome to you all this morning. Please come through to the Lounge after the service for a cuppa and a time to talk.

Many thanks to Rev Nancy-Jean Whitehead for leading our worship today.

Fireside: For the Fireside meeting on Tuesday 24th September we invite other women to join us at 7.45pm in the church lounge.   Hilary and Carol will tell us some of the highlights of their visits to Europe earlier in the year.  Please remember that the Meditation Group will be in the church until 7.45pm and come in quietly. Enquiries: Margaret 366 8936.

Singing, Singing, Singing….

On the first and third Sundays of the month at 9.15 sharp – 9.45am we will gather around the piano in the church and learn a new song and if time permits sing a known song that we will sing that Sunday. 

Next time we will learn local hymn writer Marnie Barrell’s song “We Do Not Hope to Ease our Minds”.

Crafty Crafters: Meets on Thursdays in the Church lounge 10am-12noon. $3 per session.

The Crafty Crafters invite anyone interested to join them on a bus trip to Little River, Leeston & Lincoln on Thursday 31st October 9.30am-4.30pm. $25 per person – see Lyndsey to sign up.

Wednesday Walkers 25th Sept: Meet at the gates outside Mona Vale, (Girls’ High side) at 9.30am for a walk around Fendalton and Mona Vale.

Coffee will be at Dux Dine in Riccarton Rd – there is parking behind the house.

All welcome.  Judith Mackay Ph: 3321577 or 027 688 1861.

BINS: Please put any rubbish with food waste attached and soft plastics in the RED bin. Only clean paper, card, glass, grade 1 & 2 plastic go in the yellow bin. Thank You.

Dugald is on silent retreat this weekend at the Fourviere Retreat Centre, Leithfield.

Meditation Group: Tuesdays 7.00-7.45pm in the church this week. You’re welcome to ‘come and try’.

Presbytery Gathering next Friday/Saturday/Sunday at St Paul’s Trinity Pacific in Fitzgerald Ave. The focus for this Gathering is ‘Caring for Creation’.

Focus on Finances

At our AGM Dugald presented a broad picture financial assessment for a typical year. 

Income: We should receive from the following sources:

Offerings                                          $61,000

Mission Activities including grants   $19,000

Interest                                            $ 2,000

Rent from manse                             $23,000

Rent from Community Centre          $ 5,000

Fundraising                                      $ 5,000

Total Income                           $115,000


  • Meetings costs of building ownership, current mission activities, staff, and administration with minister employed 2/3rds time:  $148,000
  • Meetings costs of building ownership, current mission activities, staff, and administration with minister employed full time:  $173,000

This leaves a shortfall of $33,000pa if we employ a minister 2/3rds time…..

Or a shortfall of $58,000pa if we employ a minister full time.

The Session and the Board of Managers are looking at ways to address this shortfall.

  1. It is difficult to see where expenditure could be further cut.  Operating a building is costly with ongoing compliance costs, insurance, and maintenance. 
  2. We will need to increase income from hiring spaces in our Community Centre.  Our initial target could be to raise an extra $15,000 pa.
  3. We will need to increase income from offerings and will plan to put details in front of the congregation by the end of October.  The Ministry Settlement Board will need to know the regular input from offerings by the end of the year as they make decisions about what sort of ministry to seek for the future.  (1/2 time, 2/3 time, full time)
  4. We acknowledge the huge contribution that legacies have made to the ongoing running of our parish, and encourage the practice of leaving money for ongoing ministry in our parish.
  5. We will need fresh and innovative ideas about how we might fundraise from the wider community.  A regular monthly twilight market day on site for example.  We are aware we have limited energy, but we do have an ideal site.
  6. We need to be thinking creatively not hunkering down.  Could we start a new ministry that we could apply for funding to provide leadership for.  Eg a new “Messy Church” initiative for families, a new seniors initiative.
  7. We do have wonderful assets in our buildings, the manse, and more importantly the gifts God has given each of us.    So keep positive and know that God does have a future for us!

New Organ

Today we are trialling the new organ that has very generously been loaned to us by Alan McKinnon.   It is not easy playing an unfamiliar instrument so please bear with Rob and Bill as they get used to playing it, and give some feedback immediately if volumes are not right.   Thanks to Warren and Alan who have wired up the instrument.