Sunday 8 December 2019


A very warm welcome to you all this morning. Please come through to the Lounge after the service for a cuppa and a time to talk.

Giving Review..Recently Dugald outlined our current financial situation.  We currently employ a minister 2/3rds time, but would like to increase this to a full time position. 

With Dugald’s retirement we have to advise the Ministry Settlement Board what level of ordained ministry we are able to sustain.   A Giving Review Team is currently looking at a range of options we have to increase income, but a key area is our regular offerings which need to increase by at least $15,000 per annum to meet projected costs. 

You will have received a letter asking you to review your giving and respond with your pledge to increase giving to your church.  The Giving Review Team will give more information today to guide you in your decision making. 

To enable us to advise the Ministry Settlement Board we are asking for responses to be returned to the silver box in the foyer or directly to our Treasurer by Sunday 22nd December.

Community Carols at Opawa Community Church, Aynsley Tce, Sunday 15th December 6pm. All are welcome

Foot Clinic TOMORROW 1-4pm in the Lounge.

Board of Managers’ meeting Wednesday 11th December 7.30pm in the foyer.

Singing Group…. meets 9.15am sharp on the first and third Sundays.

Meditation Group meets in the lounge every Tuesday 6.45pm.

Christmas & New Year at St Martins

Christmas Eve 7.00pm

Christmas Day 9.30am

Combined services with Beckenham Methodist Church:

Sunday 29 Dec 10am at BMC

Sunday 5 Jan   10am HERE

Sunday 12 Jan 10am at BMC

Sunday 19 Jan 10am HERE

Wednesday Walkers 11th Dec: Meet 9.30am at Hillsborough Park playground on Bishopsworth St for a walk through the park and along the Heathcote River. Morning tea at 34 Alderson Ave, where we will be raising money for the village in Borneo that Alexandria will be helping for a few days during her April 2020 trip. Rob 384 4320.

St Martins Fund Raiser: Handmade greeting cards for sale in foyer every Sunday. $3 each. Special cards made to order. See Janette. All proceeds to St Martins.

Carboot Sale: THIS Saturday 14th December 9-11am at St Mark’s Church, Opawa Rd.

Crafty Crafters every Thursday

10am-12noon in the lounge. $3 per session. Bring along an unfinished item, or try a new one. All are welcome. Lyndsey 388 1264.

Christmas Gifts for Waltham Community Cottage: Next Sunday is your final opportunity to donate gifts for Waltham Cottage. Wrapping paper, cards and edible items also appreciated.

THANK YOU to everyone who came along to help at last week’s Working Bee.

South Brighton Voices concert TODAY 2pm,  St John’s Woolston.

What are you eating this Christmas?

Have you ever thought where some of our food comes from?  There are foods that are produced with slave labour.  The three foods at highest risk are  fish, cocoa and sugar.   One local supermarket is doing well –  Countdown. If you’re doing baking this Christmas, consider using their own brand sugar which is certified through Bonsucro to be slave free. Countdown’s own brand Cocoa is also certified. 

Often farmed fish products are produced with slave labour.  Countdown salmon is fed on slave free fish meal as are Regal and Southern ocean brands.  Farmed prawns are often fed on food procured through slave labour, and peeled by slave labour.  Buy wild caught Australian or Argentinian prawns or the Kingfisher brand. 

Don’t forget to ask staff in supermarkets about whether slave labour has been used in the production of the food you buy.  The message will be passed up the chain.