Sunday 22 December 2019

We wish you all a very happy Christmas, and best wishes for 2020.

Christmas & New Year at St Martins

Christmas Eve 7.00pm

Christmas Day 9.30am

Combined services with Beckenham Methodist Church, Malcolm Ave:

Sunday 29 Dec 10am at BMC

Sunday 5 Jan   10am HERE

Sunday 12 Jan 10am at BMC

Sunday 19 Jan 10am HERE

A Christmas Blessing:

Know your life is a treasured gift of God.

Know our human journey matters to God because God has joined us on that journey

Know that in Jesus is the light that can guide us and lead us in our darkness

May you know the light and love of God that has come to us in the gift of Jesus, and may this light and love guide you and be in you.


Many thanks to Rev Nancy-Jean Whitehead for leading today’s worship. Dugald is in Wellington officiating at his niece’s wedding.

2020 Dates:

Meditation Group resumes 14th January.

The Parish Office re-opens on 16th January.

Elder Care Group resumes on 21st January.

Crafty Crafters resumes 23rd January.

Waltham Cottage… Adrienne picked up a wonderful carload of gifts this week. Thank you for all the generous support.

Christian World Service Christmas Appeal: Envelopes can be returned to the church offering any Sunday until January 26th. Your donation will go towards projects like building rain water tanks that will enable others to have a supply of water for drinking and irrigation. Amidst our plenty we are invited to give to others to honour the birth of Jesus who came to bring justice and equality for all.

St Martins Fund Raiser: Handmade greeting cards for sale in foyer every Sunday. $3 each. Special cards made to order. See Janette. All proceeds to St Martins.

Cleaning Roster: Your help cleaning the church plant is appreciated. Please add your name to the list in the foyer.