Sunday 19 January 2020

A very warm welcome to you all this morning. Please come through to the Lounge after the service for a cuppa and a time to talk.

Meditation Group: Every Tuesday a group meets here from 7.00-7.45pm to meditate together.  We are learners who are following an ancient Christian practice of being still with God.  For 20 minutes we sit in silence.  In silence you soon discover your mind is far from still, and is dancing all over the place.  However we use a mantra to keep gently refocusing.  In the stillness God is at work transforming us and helping us become more authentically ourselves. 

If you would like to try Christian meditation, join us over the next four weeks on Tuesday evening when we will give some introductory teaching.  Meditation is not only good for your soul, but helps relieve stress and anxiety, and has been shown to be very beneficial for your health.

Elder Care Group resumes this Tuesday 21st January. This is a day care programme for seniors each Tuesday 10am-2pm with a lunch provided.

Session meets this Wednesday 22nd January 7.30pm in the foyer.

Singing Group will meet again at 9.15am on Sundays 2nd & 16th February.

“Unofficial” Wednesday walk 22nd January: Meet 9.30am at South Library for a stroll around Beckenham. Coffee at Novel Café. All are welcome. Sonya 339 7038.

Crafty Crafters resumes this Thursday 23rd January 10am – 12 noon. $3 per session. New faces very welcome. Lyndsey 388 1264.

From Waltham Cottage: Thank you all very much for the wonderful Christmas presents you donated. Cheryl & I had lots of fun sorting the gifts for families and individuals. The delight on the faces of the recipients was a pleasure to behold! I would also like to thank you all for the weekly donations of food, brought by Irene to the Cottage every Monday. This food is a huge help to the community at financially difficult times. Adrienne.

CWS Christmas Appeal Envelopes need to be returned to the church offering by next Sunday January 26th. Thank you.

St Martins Fund Raiser: Handmade greeting cards for sale in foyer every Sunday. $3 each. Special cards made to order. See Janette. All proceeds to St Martins.

Cleaning Roster: Your help cleaning the church plant is appreciated. Please add your name to the list in the foyer.

A note from our Finance Review Team:

Our recent request for people to review giving has resulted in increased pledges of nearly $13,000 per year.  We are very encouraged by this response and say a very big THANK YOU to you all.  If you are still considering the request please put your response in the silver box to keep us informed of any changes.

Next week after worship we’ll have a forum to discern ideas for fundraising in the year ahead.  Start asking others, thinking, and talking now of creative ideas (big and small) to raise funds.  We are especially keen to find projects that will involve the wider community.   

Please start planning to donate you Charitable Giving Tax rebate back to your church.  More detail on this will come in March from the Board of Managers.

Do you know someone looking to hire an auditorium or lounge space for meetings or for an exercise class.  Tell them about our spaces and direct them to our website where they can find more details.  

Menzshed Update:

We still do not have a consent to begin work to upgrade the classroom we have shifted on site.

Currently we are negotiating about the need to provide a 20m ramp to allow disabled access to the workshop. Once consent is issued the building will be placed on piles and Menzshed volunteers will undertake necessary work to install extra fire protection and ramp if required. In the meantime a large amount of gear and tools has been donated.