Notices 29 March 2020

Due to Coronavirus lock-down the St Martins facilities are closed until further notice.

From the Alpine Presbytery:

In the midst of this strange new phenomenon called “lock-down” we may find ourselves taking time to adjust. New ways of living and new rhythms for your day might need to be discovered. So.… be kind to yourself; find ways of readjusting your life; take time to make a plan for how to work out each day; don’t expect things to just switch over easily! Take time to talk and think and plan your way into a new way of being. This phase may yet last longer than we expect. Go easy on yourself and look after yourself and each other as you adjust in the time ahead.

Take care and keep safe!

Message from the Moderator

During this stressful time when we are unable to gather in our churches for worship, comfort and support, I will be live streaming devotions for our Church family every Sunday at 9am. Please join me. My Sunday devotion is not just for our Church family, it is for anyone who needs the comforting word that God is with us.

No matter what we face in the coming weeks as a family, community and nation, Jesus will be with us, never forsake us. Together we will feel and share the love of Jesus Christ, the great healer.

We are in a time of crisis, people are fearful of what lies ahead, and they will be searching for spiritual guidance, strength and courage. This devotion is one way that our Church can be there for each other and them. Let’s share our hope and pray together for each other.

My video devotion will be on my Moderator Facebook page There is also a link on the Church website and Facebook. Please share these links to my devotions widely. Let us show we are together apart, and fully present. 

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.” John 14:27

Right Reverend Fakaofo Kaio,

Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand

One of the most important things we can do at this time is to check in with one another, by phone, video messaging or email. Please send me an email if you require an up to date parish contact list. Do keep in touch!

Anna  –

God speed you on your way,
safe keep you every day,
give you wing, cause to sing,
All this we wish and pray.

God give you space to thrive,
all senses kept alive,
health and hope, means to cope,
joyfully to arrive.

God lead you to the new,
places and points of view,
roads to take, friends to make,
more life to travel through.
©Shirley Murray