Sunday 6th March 2022

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Topic: St Martin’s Sunday Worship

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Meeting ID: 815 0869 6154
Passcode: 712158


A very warm welcome to all who worship with us today.  

The Golden Rules for worship under “Red Light” setting:

  • If you’re coming to worship in person, you must hold a vaccine pass
  • If you’re sick or feeling unwell, get tested and isolate if you’re required to. Use Zoom on Sundays.
  • If you plan to be in Church, wear a mask that is firmly in place and fully covers your nose and mouth.
  • Please continue to wear your mask until seated at morning tea.
  • You must sign in using the app or the paper copy – this is mandatory.

Foot Clinic scheduled for Monday 7th March has been cancelled. The next session will be on 11th April.  Lyndsey.

Wednesday Walkers  9th March: Please meet 9.30am at the Mona Vale carpark for a walk in the area. Coffee at Water Drop Café, Buddhist Temple, where there is an embroidery display. All welcome. Marilyn 027 363 1642.

Easter Eggs for Waltham Cottage: please consider popping in a couple of Easter treats when you do your groceries over the next few weeks. Any donations gratefully received. Bring them along to church by 3 April. Thank you for your support.



Monday 9.30am                NO St Mark’s Elder Care Therese 021 2516282.

Monday 1-4pm                  NO Foot Clinic (lounge)

Tuesday 9.30am               South Elder Care (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.

Tuesday 7.15pm               Meditation Group (lounge) Dugald 021 161 7007.

Wednesday 9.30am          Walking Group: Cashmere. Joan 338 8700.

Wednesday 7.30pm          Global Voices (lounge) Nick 027 2255142.

Thursday 10am                 Crafty Crafters (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.

Thursday 1.30pm              Sit & Be Fit(church) Anneke 021 0774065.

Thursday 5.30-7.30pm      Familial Trust mentor group. Vanessa 981 1093.

Friday 10.30am                 Sing & Sign (lounge). Rebecca 022 0862211.

Call for Lenten Prayers for Ukraine: During the past week, Hamish Galloway – Moderator of the General Assembly – met with the leaders of the New Zealand Methodist, Roman Catholic, and Anglican churches in releasing a press statement on the terrible crisis in Ukraine.

The statement is as follows: 

Across the globe people are horrified by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  In a region that learnt the devastating lessons of war last century, the pattern has the tragic possibility of repeating. It flies in the face of much of the progress in peaceful coexistence that Europe has made in recent decades.  

Once again, on European soil, we see the rights and wellbeing of millions of ordinary people trampled on by an aggressive and entitled leader. It also flies in the face of the Jesus-values of peace-making. In this instance, those values call us to stand against violence and stand with the oppressed.  

Those values call for de-escalation and peace talks.  They call for humility and kindness.  As Christians we stand in solidarity with the vast chorus of voices calling for the aggression to end and the peaceful solutions to begin.

In this troubled time, this is a great example of Christian solidarity.