Sunday 3rd April 2022

Here’s our Zoom link –

Topic: St Martin’s Sunday Worship

To Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 0869 6154
Passcode: 712158


A very warm welcome to all who worship with us today.

The Golden Rules for worship under “Red Light” setting:

  • If you’re coming to worship in person, you must hold a vaccine pass
  • If you’re sick or feeling unwell, get tested and isolate if you’re required to. Use Zoom on Sundays.
  • If you plan to be in Church, wear a mask that is firmly in place and fully covers your nose and mouth.
  • Please continue to wear your mask until seated at morning tea.
  • Scanning in and contact tracing is no longer required.

Next week’s reading is Isaiah 50:4-9a

Wednesday Walkers 6th April: meet 9.30am in the Armagh St Botanic Gardens carpark by the Bridge. Coffee at Ilex Café. All welcome Sonya 027 253 3397.

We give thanks for the life of Thomas Williams, who died on 26 March aged 64, and we pray for Karlene & Samantha as they mourn.

Dates for your diaries:

Movie Night Saturday 30th April 5.15pm  “Fiddler on the Roof”

Parish Breakfast Sunday 1st May 8.30am

Parish Lunch Sunday 3rd July to celebrate our 94th anniversary

EASTER Services:

14th April 7.30pm           Maundy Thursday service at St Mark’s School Hall, 33 Cholmondeley Ave

15th April 9.30am           Good Friday Service

17th April 10am              Easter Day Holy Communion

A new Sunday roster is available today – please check to see if there’s a copy for you.

Can you help the Pastoral team distribute Easter eggs and our greetings to older members in our community who are unable to be with us for whatever reasons on a Sunday morning? Available for collection on Good Friday morning or at the Easter Sunday service. You may need to leave them in the office at villages as people may be in lockdown. Please place the eggs in the basket provided at the back of the church. Thank you. Lyndsey.   Pastoral Team meeting Monday 4th April 9.30am – a chance to organise the Easter eggs for distribution!
Monday 9.30am     St Mark’s Elder Care Therese 021 2516282.
Monday 9.30am                Pastoral Team meeting. Lyndsey 388 1264.
Monday 1.30pm                Hillsborough Heathcote WI. Jennifer 332 3314.
Tuesday 9.30am                South Elder Care (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.
Tuesday 7.15pm                Meditation Group (lounge) Dugald 021 161 7007.
Wednesday 9.30am          Walking Group: Botanic Gardens. Sonya 027 2533397. Wednesday 9.30am          Port Hills U3A (whole complex) Malcolm 022 0979589. Wednesday 7.30pm          Global Voices (lounge) Nick 027 2255142.
Thursday 10am                 Crafty Crafters (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.
Thursday 1.30pm               Sit & Be Fit(church) Anneke 021 077 4065.
Thursday 5.30-7.30pm      Familial Trust mentor group. Vanessa 981 1093.
Friday 10.30am                 Sing & Sign (lounge). Rebecca 022 0862211.  

A word to those of you who Zoom to church on Sunday: Zoom is turning out to be a most useful way to attend Sunday service and it’s a thrill to see so many of you at church on the big screen. While we understand that some of you may be a bit ‘camera shy’, we would very much like to see you with us in church so would you please use your device’s camera so we can see you and welcome and include you as ‘real people’ rather than just names! (which is all that appears on screen if you’re not using your camera). It also gives us a sense of security and safety to know that behind your names that we are speaking to and engaging with you in person – and not some stranger who might be using the opportunity to hack the system. Thanks for your help and participation. See you on Sunday!  

Covid Response Update

Your Parish Council has considered the continuing health needs of our congregation and have agreed that our Sunday services will continue as Vaccine Pass events at least until Sunday 01 May with the possibility that this arrangement may continue beyond that date. Council will review the situation at its next meeting on Thursday 21 April.

We are committed to protect the health and well-being of the congregation who have been meeting using Vaccine Passes since early December 2021. We have been meeting secure in the knowledge that everyone attending worship is double-vaxxed. Many – if not all – are also boostered with a third vaccination. We want this certainty and security to continue.

Council recommends that anyone who hasn’t yet received a third vaccination to get it for your own safety as well as that of the congregation. In addition we strongly recommend that everyone receives the annual flu jab when it becomes available in April. Health care professionals strongly recommend this since the winter flu season and the surge of Omicron coming together pose increased risks for those of us over 65!

Just a reminder that while you’re not required to scan in any longer, mask wearing remains mandatory for inside locations. We will continue to wear masks during the service though they may be removed when you’re seated and enjoying morning tea.

Parish Council will monitor the situation and report to you again before the end of April.