Sunday 15th May 2022

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Topic: St Martin’s Sunday Worship

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Meeting ID: 815 0869 6154
Passcode: 712158


A very warm welcome to all who worship with us today.

The Golden Rules under the “Orange Light” setting:

  • If you’re sick or feeling unwell, get tested and isolate if you’re required to. Omicron is still with us and infections are still occurring. Use Zoom on Sundays.
  • If you plan to be in Church, wear a mask that is firmly in place and fully covers your nose and mouth.
  • Please continue to wear your mask until seated at morning tea.

Don is on leave until 28 May – please contact the Parish Clerk, Irene Gray 332 7306 if you have any urgent pastoral concerns during this time.

Many thanks to Rev Lyndsey McKay for leading our worship this morning, and a warm welcome to Cheryl Batwell from Waltham Cottage.

Next week’s service will be led by Rev Sandra Wright-Taylor.

Wednesday Walkers 18th May: Meet 9.30am for a walk around the CBD with coffee at Bunsen at the Arts Centre. Please meet at the Bus Exchange at 9.30am. All welcome. Sue 960 7657.

MOVIE NIGHT “Fiddler on the Roof” “Tevye is a poor milkman in tsarist Russia where he provides for five unmarried daughters and a sharp-tongued wife. Faced with mounting financial strain and growing ani-Semitism, Tevye strives – like a fiddler on a roof – to maintain balance despite the precarious nature of his situation.” The film won three Oscars. Given that this film is longer in length (172 minutes), we will commence the showing at 5.45pm. The church will be open at 5pm. Bring your tea (in paper or in a box) and enjoy this wonderful film. Saturday 28th May – 5.45pm.  Irene 332 7306.

Tuesday 9.30am                South Elder Care (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.
Tuesday 7.15pm                Meditation Group (lounge) Dugald 021 161 7007.
Wednesday 9.30am          Walking Group: City. Sue 960 7657.
Wednesday 7.30pm          Global Voices (lounge) Nick 027 2255142.
Thursday 10am                 Crafty Crafters (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.
Thursday 1.30pm               Sit & Be Fit(church) Anneke 021 077 4065.
Thursday 5.30-7.30pm      Familial Trust mentor group Vanessa 981 1093.
Friday 9.30am                   Sing & Sign (lounge). Rebecca 022 0862211.