Sunday 19th June 2022

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Topic: St Martin’s Sunday Worship

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Meeting ID: 815 0869 6154
Passcode: 712158

A very warm welcome to all who worship with us today.

The Golden Rules under the “Orange Light” setting:
If you’re sick or feeling unwell, get tested and isolate if you’re required to. Use Zoom on Sundays.
In Church, please wear a mask that is firmly in place and fully covers your nose and mouth.
Please continue to wear your mask until seated at morning tea.  

Next Sunday’s reading is: Luke 9:51-62

Anna will not be in the Office this Friday 24th June (Matariki)  

Wednesday Walkers 22nd June: meet 9.30am in Domain Tce for a walk around Mokihi Gardens, Hillmorton. Coffee at The Waiting Room Café.  Sonya 027 253 3397.  

PARISH POTLUCK LUNCH to celebrate our 94th anniversary following worship on Sunday 3rd July. Soup & rolls will be provided. Please bring sweet or savoury finger food. Enquiries to Allison 332 0554.  

Movie Night to celebrate Matariki: Saturday 25th June. Shared tea – starting at 5.15pm – can be whatever you like or a New Zealand staple and favourite!!!! ‘Second Hand Wedding’ is a heartwarming role set in a time when Trade Me and e-bay threaten the primeval urge for a first hand crack at the second hand. The movie follows the fortunes of the Rose family, who live on the idyllic Kapiti Coast, where the sunsets are spectacular, parking is still free and bargains abound. Clouds gather, however, when it becomes clear that Cheryl has issues with her mother’s voracious bargain hunting, which she fears will ruin her up and coming wedding. Irene 332 7306.  

A new Sunday roster is available today – please check to see if there’s a copy for you.

Public meeting: The Council is exploring a rebuild of South Library. Come and chat about this decision and the next steps in the Boardroom, South Library, Monday 27th June 4.30pm. All welcome.  

From Parish Council meeting: Parish Council met on Thursday evening.
Amongst other matters the Council considered the following:  
We are very close to being able to ask Alpine Presbytery to set up a Ministry Settlement Board in our search for a new minister. Most of the paper work is now complete. Hamish Galloway attended the meeting to offer his support in managing this.  
We agreed that Parish Councillors should take their place on Parish Council for a time limited period. We agreed this would be for 3 years with a further 3 years if they wished. The position of Parish Clerk would also be time limited – 5years with a further 2 years if the clerk wished to continue.  
Hamish Galloway -Moderator of the Assembly – is arranging a national conference of church leaders in Wellington in November. If anyone would be interested in attending, please see Don.  
Council appointed Catherine Fitchett as a new member of Council. Catherine is in the process of taking over the work of Parish Treasurer from Joan.  
Council acknowledged the work of Joan Mac who is handing over the work of Parish treasurer to Catherine. She has given willingly and without hesitation over many years. We are profoundly grateful for her dedication.  
The financial reports show the parish in good financial health.  
The Annual General Meeting of the Parish will be on Sunday 18 September 2022. If you will be writing a report for your group for the AGM please make sure Anna has it by the end of July.

Tuesday 9.30am         South Elder Care (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.
Tuesday 7.15pm         Meditation Group (church) Dugald 021 161 7007.
Wednesday 9.30am   Walking Group: Mokihi Gardens. Sonya 027 2533397.
Thursday 10am           Crafty Crafters (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869.
Thursday 1.30pm        Sit & Be Fit(church) Anneke 021 077 4065.
Thursday 5.30-7.30pmFamilial Trust mentor group Vanessa 981 1093.
Friday 9.30am             NO Sing & Sign (lounge). Rebecca 022 0862211.
Saturday 5.15pm        Movie Night (lounge). Irene 332 7306.