Sunday 14th May 2023


A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. We thank Rev Alan Webster for preaching today. Irene & Bill will be leading our celebration of favourite hymns next Sunday.

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Please note: Anna is not in the Office this Wednesday 17th May.

Wednesday Walkers 17th May: Meet 9.30am near Silo’s cafe, Heathcote. With roadworks being an issue, probably best to go via Ferry Rd, right into Bridle Path Rd then right into Flinders Rd which is one way. Martindales Rd is closed at the overhead bridge so not much parking there. All are welcome. Rosalie 021 239 5005 or Janette 021 075 6780.

Congratulations to our neighbours at St Mark’s Opawa who this week won a Canterbury Architecture award for their chapel addition. Well done!

MOVIE NIGHT Saturday 27th May. Gilbert & Sullivan light opera “HMS Pinafore”  –  On the quarter deck of the HMS Pinafore, Captain Corcoran (Peter Marshall) and his crew await the coming of Sir Joseph Porter (Frankie Howerd), the First Lord of the Admiralty, who is going to inspect Corcoran’s ship and marry his daughter, Josephine. But Josephine is secretly in love with Ralph Rackstraw, a member of the crew. They attempt to elope but are apprehended….. however it all ends happily ever after!

Last Sunday, after the service, Chris was approached by a woman and asked for money. Chris said she could not comment as she was only visiting and passed this person to me.

Briefly this person wanted–

1.       money to put onto her power account. She claimed she had had no power for a week and had two children (one was 14 years of age).

2.       I said we did not have money to give her but that she should contact WINZ, City Mission – even Waltham Cottage (even though I know the Cottage would not give money but would help with directing her to wherever for support). She knew where Hastings Street was because she knew of the Baptist Church on the corner!

3.       I noticed she was holding a small home baked loaf – don’t know where she got that from.

4.       She became somewhat agitated and threatening when she realised she was not going to get money from us. (Her comment – ‘you are pushing me to do something that I don’t want to do’ – ‘if a place like this won’t help, what’s the point of it’)

Of concern was the fact that she left the church auditorium and went and checked the Foyer (books, box where walnuts were on sale, cards for sale) – then went into the lounge and sat down at a table with some ladies of the congregation.

She went backwards and forwards a few times from the lounge – went to the toilet, out to the car she arrived in (dark red Nissan or similar, number plate HZT612) and returned with a compatriot (hooded) and pointed out the toilet area to him.

 A nearby local business, the Funky Pumpkin has had an ongoing issue with beggars in their carpark, causing some distress to customers. This is a hard subject to discuss from a business point of view as it is easy for people to discount them as being uncharitable or cold hearted, and in the past they have remained silent for this reason.

Whist there are many people out there on the street who are genuinely in need, it is believed the group of people targeting the Sydenham shops to be an organized syndicate that pool their collected money and are taking their activities to a whole new level by now asking people’s children for money while they sit in their cars. 

    Whilst I am very aware that there are people struggling in today’s world, there is a correct way of dealing with things.

    It’s a difficult issue to deal with but we need to be aware that there are people in the community who will take advantage and could prove very difficult and dangerous moving forward.

    Chris’s comment was that when she was the Minister at St Martins, the Ministers in the South East of Christchurch decided that no money should be given to anyone ‘begging’.

    Please be careful. Irene, Parish Clerk

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