Sunday 29th October 2023

A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Many thanks to Rev Chris Elliot for leading our service today. Rev Don Fergus will be with us next Sunday.

Wednesday Walkers 1st November: Meet 9.30am in Ashgrove Tce near Cashmere View for a stroll around Lower Cashmere. Coffee at the Cracroft Café. All welcome. Joan 022 081 4088.

A new Sunday roster is now available – please check in the foyer to see if there is a copy for you to collect. The 2024 door duty & morning tea roster will be available shortly.

Notes from the Parish Council meeting of 18th October 2023:

  • Two incident reports were noted – that of a visitor to the office tripping on the uneven ground; as well as a medical emergency. No further action was required.
  • Special thanks to Alice Shanks who has added more plants to the garden in front of the office – plants that are indicative of those that grow in a riverbed.
  • Thanks, too, to Warren Pettigrew who constructed the rope barrier along the front of the office.
  • The Cantabile Choir have booked the complex for their weekly choir practices – each Wednesday commencing in February 2024.
  • Consideration was given to the rental of the Manse. The decision was made to hold it at its current rate. We have an excellent tenant and should this change, with any upgrade to the Manse, we would need to think about what rate would be charged at that stage.
  • Anyone interested in establishing a community vegetable garden in raised beds at the church should speak to Irene.
  • Solar panels – it has been suggested that, with the church becoming an ECO church, members of the congregation may be interested in donating a solar panel for our church building. See Irene.
  • Dishwasher – whilst the office will arrange for the servicing of it, there was concern that the washer has not been turned off correctly at the end of its use. Several times it has been left running!
  • The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 6th December 2023.

THIS WEEK AT ST MARTINS                                              

Monday 1-4pm              Foot Clinic (lounge) Janette 021 075 6780

Tuesday 10am              South Elder Care (lounge) Jeannette 332 9869

Tuesday 7.15pm           Meditation Group (lounge) Dugald 021 161 7007

Wednesday 9.30am      Walking Group: Lower Cashmere Joan 022 081 4088

Wednesday 9.30am      Port Hills U3A (whole complex) Joy

Thursday 10am            Crafty Crafters (lounge) Sally 332 4730

Thursday 1.30pm          Sit & Be Fit(church) Anneke 021 077 4065

Friday 9.30am               Sing & Sign (lounge) Becky 022 086 2211

Blessed are the peacemakers
Today it is 18 days since the Hamas and Israel war began
with a terror attack by Hamas on Israel. I have watched this
unfold in the news with horror and prayed that there would
be a ceasefire, prayed that these appalling crimes against
God and humanity would end. Instead, the suffering and
terrible loss of life continues, with unconscionable civilian
casualties, and humanitarian aid not able to reach those
who need it most. As is so often the case in war, children,
women and the vulnerable pay a terrible price. It is a
humanitarian catastrophe.
I know that some of you have strong views on this war, and
on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Today, both Israelis and
Palestinians are living in fear, are injured, are mourning the
loss of families and friends. I invite you to join me in prayer
·A ceasefire.
·Those killed, injured, and all who care for them.
·The release of hostages taken by Hamas.
·Safe humanitarian access into Gaza so that much needed
aid can be provided.
·Those trapped and those who have had to leave their
·Those risking their safety to help.
·For peace-keepers and peace-makers.
Christian World Service has launched a Gaza Palestine
Emergency Appeal to assist people who have been affected
by the current conflict, particularly in Gaza. They write that
“thousands of people have been killed, injured and
displaced. Nearly two hundred people are being held as
hostages. Hospitals, schools and homes have been damaged
or destroyed. The need for a ceasefire and humanitarian relief
is overwhelming.”
If you would like to support the CWS appeal see information
here, and there are links to more appeals below.
Right Rev Rose Luxford
Moderator Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

More appeals for those affected by this war:
Red Cross