Sunday 17 December 2017




Sunday 17 December 2017

Today we celebrate the third Sunday of Advent and light our candles of Hope, Peace, and Joy

 Our worship will focus on Christmas Music

 Lighting of the candle of Joy:Lighting the Advent Candle of Joy

In the lighting of this third Advent candle we make space within ourselves to hear again the voice of Jesus, the voice of joy.  Too often we live with put downs, we feel guilty, and we do not celebrate our humanity.  Too often we think poorly of ourselves, and others, and we fail to live with a sense of joy that comes from accepting ourselves just as we are.  We even picture God as a joyless God who is incapable of delight.  Jesus opened our eyes to God who knows our human frailties and delights in us as we are, and invites us to delight in and appreciate the wonder and joy of life.  Joy is the way of Jesus.

Light the candle.

We light the candle of joy.

May it light the way for us

as we make joy our story.


Notices: A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Please stay for morning tea after the service.

NEXT Sunday 24th December, there is one service only at 7pm.

Christmas & January Services will be combined with Beckenham Methodist.

Christmas Day 9.30am at BMC Sunday 31st Dec here at the MLC

Sunday Jan 7th at BMC

Sunday Jan 14th here at MLC.

Community Carol Singing TODAY 6pm at Opawa Community Church, Aynsley Tce. Everyone welcome!

2018 Restart Dates:

Wednesday Walkers:10th January at South Library.

Home Share Plus Tuesday 16th January

Crafty Crafters Thursday 18th January

 The Parish Office will be closed from 11am on Friday 22nd December until 9am Thursday 18th January.

Report for Managers Dec 2017

  1. We still have no consent for the rebuild so all work on site has stopped.  Clearly the CCC are being much tighter in how they regulate.  The consent was lodged in October, and the CCC responded with a list of questions, largely around fire regs.  The latest issue is that our geotech report completed in 2011 is now considered out of date and has to be revised.  Our architect tells us this will hopefully be completed by Christmas. It would seem unlikely work will resume before February at the earliest.  Managers are writing to the architect expressing our disappointment.
  2. We note the church will have a carpet tile flooring.  (There has been discussion about having a ‘harder’ timber floor to allow more active activities like dancing and exercise.)  If anyone has a strong view or insight on this matter please speak to a building team member.
  3. Alarm System…. Warren Pettigrew is installing a camera system to protect the site and the office.  If there is an issue we now hope to get pictures of the culprits.  Even better would be that possible intruders see cameras and go elsewhere.  When the church is completed this system will be expanded.
  4. Vegetation was removed by David Hodder and crew from the southern boundary to allow a drainlayer to gain access to replace drains.
  5. We are thankful to those who have led fund raising efforts, selling bacon, organising Ceilidhs, and running a Christmas goodies stall.
  6. Finances…. Our treasurer Joan Macdonald reports we are just holding our own in terms of our day to day operation.
  7. Looking ahead… the office exterior will be painted shortly; a manse inspection will take place every three months as this is a rental property.

CWS Christmas Appeal: You are invited to give a Christmas Gift that honours Jesus and will be used to help others help themselves. Return your appeal envelope to church by January 14th. Do remember to include your address to receive a tax receipt, and to acknowledge our parish of St Martins Presbyterian.

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