Sunday 8th March 2015 Lent 3 9am


Wise God, holy and faithful: your love brings us truth.
Wise God, just and joyful: your stories bring us hope.
Wise God, surprising and disturbing: your breath brings us life.

As we gather in worship today, open our minds to your wisdom,
open our hearts to your truth, open our very being to your love and hope.

HYMN: O God, Whom we Praise (Tune: Hanover WOV 67)
O God, whom we praise from morning till night,
your grace fills our days as lustrous as light.
In joy or in sorrow we call on your name,
today and tomorrow, as always the same.

We know without you our living is vain.
You give us a view of life that’s humane,
of growing and learning that never should cease,
of working and yearning for justice and peace.

Our knowledge is frail. Your wisdom is pure.
Our scheming may fail. Your actions are sure.
Our striving can never our full hopes attain,
your truth lasts forever, eternal your reign.

Now fit us for life in this time and place.
Calm all fear and strife and grant us the grace
to stand with our Saviour, proclaiming to all,
by faith and behaviour, response to your call. © J P Huber (ASF)



SONG: There’s a Song of Love in My heart
There’s a song of love in my heart;
love is a gift from Jesus.
There’s a song of love in my heart;
love is a gift from God.
Alleluia! Love in my heart is singing praises.
Alleluia! Love is a gift from God.

There’s a song of faith in my heart;
faith is a gift from Jesus.
There’s a song of faith in my heart;
faith is a gift from God.
Alleluia! Faith in my heart is singing praises.
Alleluia! Faith is a gift from God.

There’s a song of hope in my heart;
hope is a gift from Jesus.
There’s a song of hope in my heart;
hope is a gift from God.
Alleluia! Hope in my heart is singing praises.
Alleluia! Hope is a gift from God. © Handt Hanson (Seasons of the Spirit)


READINGS: Psalm 19 Irene Gray
Mark 2: 13 – 22 Deborah Fitchett

SERMON: The world belongs to those who offer it the greatest hope
(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

On this Lenten journey of 2015, we reflect on the choices Jesus made.
May our gifts reflect our choice to follow in the way of Christ:
a way of compassion and healing, a way of support for the powerless, a way of challenging wrong, a way of love.
Bless these gifts, O God, as you have blessed us. Amen.

HYMN: Church of the Living Christ
Church of the living Christ,
people of Easter faith –
speak to the Man who walks
free from the dark of death!
The Christ who burst the tomb apart
comes questioning the Church’s heart.

No use old wineskins now –
new wine is hear to stay:
no patching up old schemes –
new patches tear away,
old gear, old concepts have no place
where Christ’s own presence sets the pace.

Women and men of God,
come, as one Church to serve,
bring all the skills we have,
sharpen our every nerve:
to save a world in bitter need
the rule of love must come in deed.

We are the Body now –
our feet must mark the Way,
our speech declare the Word
and live it day by day,
the resurrection story ours,
disciples gifted with new powers! © Shirley Murray (AA)



HYMN: All My Hope on God is Founded (Tune: Groeswen)
All my hope on God is founded;
he doth still my trust renew.
Me through change and chance he guideth,
only good and only true.

God unknown,
he alone
calls my heart to be his own.

Human pride and earthly glory,
sword and crown betray his trust;
what with care and toil he buildeth,
tower and temple, fall to dust.
But God’s power,
hour by hour,
is my temple and my tower.

Daily doth the almighty giver
bounteous gifts on us bestow;
his desire our soul delighteth,
pleasure leads us where we go.
Love doth stand
at his hand;
joy doth wait on his command.

God’s great goodness ay endureth,
deep his wisdom passing thought:
splendour, light and life attend him,
beauty springeth out of naught.
from his store
new-born worlds rise and adore. C/A


A very warm welcome to all who worship with us this morning. Please stay for morning tea following the service.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS 11th March: Meet 9.30am in Armstrong Ave. Coffee at Fava by Centaurus Rd roundabout. All welcome. Anneke 328 7459.

APW: Wednesday 11th March 9.45am at St James’ Barrington St. The speaker will be Steve from Trees for Canterbury and there will be a limited opportunity to purchase plants following his talk. Allison 374 6673.

CRAFTY CRAFTERS: Thursdays 10am – 12 noon in the Lounge. $3 per session. New faces are always welcome ?. Beverley 332 7786.

SUPER GARAGE SALE NEXT Saturday 14th March 10am at 43 St Martins Rd. Donations of baking, jams, pickles, preserves, plants and produce very welcome. Helpers required from 8am!

FOOT CLINIC: Next Session Monday 16th March 1-4pm. Lyndsey 388 1264.

HARVEST THANKSGIVING SUNDAY 22ND MARCH: This year we will once again be stocking the Pantry at Waltham Community Cottage. All the usual – canned food, vegetables, fruit, preserves , breakfast cereals, pasta, sugar, flour etc.
HOWEVER, Don’t forget to harvest your potato and bring the rewards of all your hard work along. These wonderful little gems will also be given to the Cottage. There will be brown paper bags available next Sunday for you to put them in. Worship Committee.

KNOWING YOUR NEIGHBOUR IS A PIECE OF CAKE: Last year’s inaugural event was so successful that it’s happening again this year on 28th & 29th March. For details and how to get involved, go to neighbourhood project. Fliers are also available in the Lounge.

PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Wed & Thurs 9am-12noon; Fri 9-11am. Pop in and visit at 7 Wilsons Rd. Phone 332 6192. Email: Website: Anna must have any notices by 9am Thursday please.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Sun 8th Anne; Mon 9th Sharyn.